Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-77 Written Episode

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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 77 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL Mother Hayme, Gundogdu Bey is ill. Tugtekin Bey who boils with rage over the smallest things apparently doesn’t take her wife’s old flame seriously. I don’t get it, brother. Tugtekin’s dagger should have slit Ertugrul’s throat already. Tugtekin and Gundogdu are aware of everything. What are you saying, brother? Last night when I said I would take Dogan Alp with me to deliver justice, no one said anything. Not even Tugtekin. What shall we do? Selcan must die today, Aytolun. If Tugtekin found out the truth, his time has also come. Do I have permission, Gumustekin Bey? Come in, Cagri Bey. Ertugrul Bey left the nomad tent. Are the soldiers ready? They are, Bey. Then let’s go punish those killers. Don’t worry brother.

Today, this will all be over. Let’s go, Cagri Bey. Goncagul, keep an eye on Gundogdu. Bey! Bey! Gundogdu Bey! We are losing him! He is getting away! Come here! Brother! Your captivity is over, brother Dogan. Thank you, Bey. You got lucky again, brother. Where is Cicek Hatun, Bey? Do not worry, we’ll go see her now. How long will we turn a blind eye, Gumustekin Bey? We still have time, Cagri Bey. We’ll keep following him. He saved a traitor, but he will never stop. He will go and see the real traitor. On your horses! Let’s finish this. Come on. I drew it from the well. It’s ice cold. We have to prevent the abscess from contaminating his blood. The only remedy is black knots. I can go pick some, Bey! I know those mushrooms very well.

I used to pick them for Suleyman Shah. Go pick some, Selcan Hatun. Hurry! Here you are, Bey. Oh God! God help us. Don’t take my son away from me. Amen. Isak, we need to draw some blood from Gundogdu Bey. Grab some leeches from the medical tent at once. Yes, Bey. What is the rush, dervish Isak? Did something happen to Gundogdu Bey? He got worse, Goncagul Hatun. Where is Selcan Hatun going? Artuk Bey sent her to pick black knots. Excuse me. Can I look at that one? Selcan! What happened? Where are you going? Gundogdu Bey’s getting worse, Halime. Artuk Bey asked for black knots. I am going to pick some. I’ll come with you. Okay, sister. Aunt! What is wrong, Goncagul? What is the rush? Selcan went by herself to pick black knots for Gundogdu Bey. It is time, aunt. It looks like Gundogdu’s troubles will be our remedy. Let’s go, Goncagul. You know what to do.

We are splitting up here, brother. We won’t be far away. But you better be careful, brother. Don’t you worry. Bey. Mother Hayme! Goncagul and Aytolun! What about them, Gokce? They donned their swords and left the marquee. Goncagul Hatun had asked me where Selcan Hatun was going. Selcan! One more thing, Mother Hayme. Selcan Hatun wasn’t alone. Halime Sultan was with her. Be careful! They are somewhere around here. Cagri Bey! Yes, Gumustekin Bey. Let’s break up into two groups and surround them. We won’t let anyone escape. If need be, kill them all. As you please, Gumustekin Bey. How is your wound, Cicek Hatun? Getting better Bey, thanks. They will be here in a minute. But can you fend yourself if they don’t show up? With God’s help, Bey! Great. We don’t want to spill any blood! What do you want then? Gumustekin Bey whom you have been serving is a traitor. What are you saying? As a servant of the state and Sultan Aleaddin, that’s all have to say. How dare you call the margrave of our state a traitor? Soldiers, attack! Selcan. Sister. You’re worrying yourself over nothing. Almighty God will spare Gundogdu Bey to us. You’ll see. And if Gundogdu Bey saw you like this, he’d be very upset. We’ve overcome many troubles. If God permits, this too shall pass. Gundogdu Bey needs you, Selcan. We all do. If God permits, Halime.

If God permits. Come on, let’s find some black knots. Fine. I will check the backside. Don’t worry, we’ll find some. Okay. You won’t be getting away this time, Selcan! Selcan! Kill them both! It ‘s over, Gumustekin! You did everything just to be appointed margrave. To take over the Dodurga tribe you killed aunt Duru and replaced her with sister Aytolun. You wanted your daughter to marry Gundogdu Bey so that you could take over the Kayi tribe. It was all going as you planned until Selcan Hatun confronted you. I’ll kill you all! In the end, you killed Korkut Bey just so you’d be the margrave. I wish I could have killed him before. No one will believe what you have to say. Halime! Halime! Selcan! Selcan! Halime! Aytolun! Mother Hayme! Tugtekin Bey! You are going to pay for what you did to my parents. What are you saying, Tugtekin Bey? Don’t you see that I risked my life to find your father’s killer? Go to hell, scumbag! Put that away! Know your place, Tugtekin! Remember that I am the margrave. Let Halime go, Aytolun. We learnt that Selcan was meeting Banu Cicek in secret, Hayme Hatun. I said let her go! Let Halime Sultan go and then we can talk! Tell Abdurrahman to go to the marquee and come back here with the Dodurga Alps at once.

Why do you want that? You don’t trust me either? Or do you think it was us who killed Korkut Bey? I can’t trust any of these scumbags. Tell Abdurrahman to go at once. Abdurrahman, be quick as an arrow. Go at once. As you please, Mother Hayme! Ertugrul, I know this is all your doing. I don’t know who else you may poison with that venomous tongue of yours, but I will chop it off. I told you. I swear I won’t die before I chop your tongue off. Tugtekin. What did this traitor tell you to poison your noble soul? If my brides were in on this, why are you here with your swords? You want to punish them on behalf of Korkut Bey? Just like how Gumustekin wanted to take justice into his own hands. Quietly, sneakily, treacherously. Tell me! How do you know this, woman? Are you curious? Let me explain. I know that you killed Duru Hatun and Korkut Bey.

I know that upon Sadettin Kobek’s orders, you stole the seal given to Sungur Tekin by Sultan Aleaddin and took it to Kobek. And that he gave it to Tankut. Stand back! Or I’ll kill them both. Are you afraid that they’ll find out how despicable you are? You don’t know what you are saying. Stand back. Or else your grandchild and bride will die. Gumustekin thinks that he set a trap, but he’ll be trapped by my sons instead. Ertugrul and Tugtekin went after him. You’re lying. They are not powerful enough to defeat my father. We have been fighting scum like you for years. You don’t understand how powerful we are. Gokce! Do you believe their lies? Tell me! How ominous people you are! Both of you, go to hell! You’re not powerful enough for us. Everyone in your marquee will die today!).

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