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I will execute them, brother. I can’t bring trouble into my nomad tent. Here we are thinking that you were a decent man. We thought that you were to avenge our Bey, but you turned out to be coward. You are a fool and coward. Dogan! What do you think you’re doing? Will we draw a swords against each other? Does what you’re doing become an Alp? What kind of a combat is this? Kocabash! Stop it, for God’s sake! Stop it! The head of the Alps is Tugtekin! You will do as he says! And that is that! Who is inside? Mother Hayme. Alright, you can leave.

What’s on your mind, brother? We must reinforce our relations as relatives to prevent such conflicts in the future, Hayme. Even we are at war, we need to cement the trust between the two tribes with weddings and headquarter meetings. The best way is intermarriage among the two tribes. More power to you! Thank you. It is high time you got married, Gokche. To become a widow like Halime? That’s God’s will, Gokche. However, you acting like one of Ertugrul’s widows isn’t helping. How soon you forget that I am barren women who cannot even have a baby? And it’s all because of you. Because of your ominous ambitions. See? I have become just like you. I am doomed to live as a barren spinster. Tell me. Who will marry me now, sister? Tell me! Gokche. Gokche? What is the matter with you? Are you good, sister? We must bury our pain deep inside and keep living.

The life will show us its blessings. Do not let your beautiful eyes stare only to the ground. Do not miss out on your kismet. Ertugrul was the hope for the nomad tent and beauty girls like you will bring many Ertugruls into our nomad tent. With your feminineness and beauty. Suleiman Shah. My Suleiman. I need you so much. You left me alone in this mortal world. How I will get through it all by myself? What is it that you know about Gokche and not telling me, Eygis? Nothing, Hanim. This winter will be hard, Eygis. You are all alone. If you want to keep working with Artuk Bey in peace, do not lie me. What is it that you know about Gokche and not telling me? Tell me! Who does Gokche yearn for? Ertugrul. Stop working, Halime. You are pregnant. At least have mercy on your baby. The baby is a keepsake from Ertugrul Bey. Pull yourself together.

I need to do something. I will not stop until Ertugrul comes back. Or I will lose my mind, Selcan. Let me go and do my bit. Welcome to the humble adobe of Geyikli of the Bayir Bucak Turkmens. The security of our nomad tent is the most important thing, brother. We cannot bring them into the nomad tent. We will pay the ultimate price. The responsibility of making decisions was conferred to you at the headquarters. I will respect whatever decision you make. However, executing them would be a very harsh decision. I say let’s banish them. What about Ertugrul’s Alps? I see that they disrespect you. However, they’re our own flesh and blood. Moreover, Mother Hayme loves them, too. So, until this matter is resolved, banish them, as well. They objected the decision of the head of Alps, brother. They rebelled against us. What are they still talking about? Gundogdu Bey does not let Abdurrahman and Hamza to be executed. Who is Tugtekin? Do we not have our own headquarters? Do we not have Hayme Ana to govern us? Tugtekin is the head of the Alps. His decision cannot be questioned even at the headquarters. We aren’t here to look around, but to fight under the orders of our Beys. We fought and we won. We won, but we were betrayed. We had many martyrs. We humiliated Tugtekin. Gundogdu Bey has his work cut out for him. They are coming. Bey? Have you decided? Abdurrahman and Hamza will not be executed. However they will not be released, either.

Both will be banished. How is that possible, Bey? Dogan? Turgut? You two will be banished with them, too. What are you saying, Bey? You will not come back to into nomad tent until the war and winter is over. You will take care of Abdurrahman and Hamza. This is what’s been decided. Since we infamized Tugtekin, we are the troublesome Alps of Ertugrul in his mind’s eyes. Damn it! Noyan’s will be furious. Ertugrul escaped and to make matters worse, the ambush failed. What should we do? If they make Bortlu talk, Kocabash’s identity will be compromised. This is worse. So do we need to rescue him? Or Kocabash must find a way to kill Bortlu. He must kill him.

Eventually Noyan will make them pay for their inaptitude. Do not worry about me, father. Do not worry about us, Master Demir. You are my only sons alive. Take care of each other, for God’s sake. If something bad happens to you… Go ahead, go now! Ertugrul Bey would never act so tactless, Gundogdu Bey. Give me your blessings. There is no blessing left for us to give you.

Tugtekin, as for you… You are nothing, let alone being the head of Alps… Shame on you all! It hurts me, as well, Wild Demir. However, there was no other way. I need to make Bortlu talk in any case. After breaking everyone’s heart can finding out the truth bring peace on us, Gundogdu Bey? You’ve saved our nomad tent from a big trouble, Bey. You are right, Kocabash. That is the only way to teach them. Not to worry. I will find a way to rescue you. Do not say a word. Otherwise they will skin us both alive. Halime. Halime. That is love. Is love not, God killing you inside, then rescuing you from within? Halime. Halime. Fetch some water! What happened?

We need to take her to the tent. Mother! Halime. What happened? Eygis told me that she was bleeding. Now she is fine. However, I am worried about the baby. The poor girl couldn’t stand the pain. She needs to rest now, Hayme Hatun. Otherwise Ertugrul’s child may not survive. My daughter. How I can live without him, Mother? What about your baby? If you were to die, how can the baby live? Isn’t it time to stop torturing yourself? You must live for your baby. You are awake, Bey. You know me. Tangut and his bandits resounded the forest with your name. Who are you? They call me Geyikli. I’ve been living in this forest since I was born. Thank you. Get up and eat some, so that you can go after infidel Moguls in the morning. You will recover soon. Come on, lad. You shall eat it all up. It was not easy making this. If you eat all of it, I will give you red meat and kumiss. Fresh kumiss; without alcohol. What does Noyan want from you? I know why he came here from Tabriz. He came here for you. If he caught, but hasn’t killed you, it means he wants something from you. You know a lot. When one lives with bears, birds, wolves and insect, his ears and eyes sharpens. It is obvious that you haven’t given Noyan what he wanted. What did he want from you? To become his follower? Yes. You need to be careful in every step you take, Bey. Because from now Noyan poses a threat to everyone you love. You are a fortunate one, dear to God. We caught that human piece of garbage called Bortlu. And we killed a lot of Moguls. Then what happened? Nothing. That is a victory or a fiasco? They are going to say they won victory by killing a couple of infidels.

Then they will kill the Alps of the Kayi tribe without even blinking an eye. I don’t think the Kayi tribe will ever recover from this, brother. That’s how I feel. Brother? You don’t know what you’re saying. I know what I am saying, brothers. Suleiman Shah died. Ertugrul Bey, as well. From now on, the Kayi tribe will be vanished. You are angry and you do not know what are you saying, Hamza. I know what I am saying. Do you not realize, brothers? Gundogdu Bey will be occupied with finding a way to go after his uncle and his uncle’s son to bring peace to his tribe. You know the rest. Crusaders from the and the Mongols from the east. There is nowhere left for us to take shelter. Ertugrul Bey used to say that we need to fight to the death. That’s what we must do. From now on, we should be ashamed of being alive for each day that passes away without combat.

I neither want to go back to my nomad tent nor to keep living like this. They took our beloved ones from us. From now on, we have no other options, but to fight to death against these infidels. We are not banished, until the winter is over. We are banished to fight until we die. Everyone should know this. May God grant us with long lives so that we can kill them all.

Turgut Alp is right. We shall not live without combating. How could you do this? How could you do this? They’ve paid for their betrayal, Mother Hayme. It had to be done. Tugtekin, if you are this hard, it is easier to break you. How can you banish Ertugrul’s Alps just because they infamized you? Is that so easy to waste my gallant boys? They’ve given our enemies hell for years. How could you forget that? Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you! You did what was necessary. I will talk to Hayme. After all, she lost her son and her nomad tent was destroyed. She is in pain. You captured one of the best commanders of Noyan. You walked all over them. I am proud of you, my gallant boys. If Ertugrul and Suleiman Shah were alive they would be proud of you, as well. And that is what matters. Welcome, Bey. Thank you, Hatun. You came back with victory. However, you wasted your Alps with your own hands, they say. Hatun, it is good now that the two nomad tents have become one.

We’ve trusted each other. We supported each other. And we won with God’s will. There must be a price for this, right? And the first ones to pay the price are your brother’s Alps. Do you know why? Gundogdu, the ambitions which captured us once has captured this nomad tent as well. Be careful. It will not end as well as we thought it would. I wonder what the prices we shall pay after Ertugrul’s Alps. My mother is waiting for me. God. You brought him back to me safe and sound. Thank you a thousand times. Show him the right way. Tugtekin Bey, you promised me to avenge the bloodshed. That is true, I did. I’ve heard that you kept your word. May you be happy in two worlds. When the time comes, I will plant Noyan’s head right in the middle of this nomad tent.

I will do it for you, Gokche Hatun. I will make Bortlu talk, Mother. Even If I would lose my human feelings I will make him talk. I will find out whether Abdurrahman and Hamza are guilty or not. I told my brother. It will not be easy for the two nomad groups to live together in winter. But that is the right thing to do, mother. But what about the price, you will pay? We cannot let anyone waste our Alps easily, Gundogdu. I do not know whether Abdurrahman and Hamza are guilty or not, Mother. However, if I dug my heels in, they would execute Hamza and Abdurrahman. They are both keepsakes of our father. Executed I say! What should I have done? Should I revolt against Tugtekin? It means that we would set off again to find a place for the winter. I decided to banish them before anyone got hurt. Do not forget this, mother. At any rate, Tugtekin and his Alps risk their lives for my brother Ertugrul. We almost died, because our Alps were misinformed. We, two nomad tents share our destiny. I’m not under my brother’s command. And you are not to take orders from Tugtekin. Realize that. I know that, Mother. I do not take orders from anyone. You should know that from now on, I will do whatever I think is best. I will take my leave. Go and eat your meals. I will keep watch.

Not to worry. I am here to rescue you. How can you do this? They should believe that you escaped on your own. Otherwise they will find out that someone has sent Noyan a message. Do not worry, Kocabash. Hurry up. Save me from Gundogdu and Tugtekin’s tortures. Not to worry. Escape from under the tent when you get a chance. The back of this tent is arranged for you to flee. Be careful. Do not worry. Tugtekin Bey wanted to me to watch him. Leave, Kocabash. Do not torture this man. If you punish him, you cannot make him talk. I am going to beat you so bad that… …you will pray to God to stop breathing. Translation: Losa Translation Services

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