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We all knew this is going to be rough. It has been only two days. Small things pile up like water drops and it will be a flood that all of us will drown in that flood. You speak the truth, Mother Hayme. Before the flood, we must find a way. Water washes away but land stands, Mother Hayme. And we, parasites do not understand it, Aytolun Hanim. You will find a way for sure. Selcan, my daughter. Before winter comes, we must go and sell our goods. We have limited time but also a lot of work to do. From now on, Selcan will work under your command, Aytolun.

I talked to women who put down their tool, they will start tomorrow. You made a right decision, Mother Hayme. Kayi woman is proud, Aytolun. They do best of their work but know that if you humiliate them you will do all the work on your own. My brother’s wife death worried all of us. Because we loved her. But you kept my brother alive. You eased two sons’ pains who were killed by Mongols. You are a skillful woman. If you want us to be one and united there will be a lot on your shoulders, Aytolun. Where is Sadettin Kobek? I have been waiting him for days. He sent his greetings. Aleaddin Keykubat gave him a new mission. So, he could not come. So, he could not come.

He is ready to do everything. He wants to be new ruler of Anatolia. Look at me, Karabek. I will give you one last mission. Tell Sadettin Kobek he would never promise coming but not to do that next time. Or I will make this lands his grave. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Innkeeper. Yes, Bey. Do you have lamb? I do, Bey. Bring each of us a lamb than. Yes, Bey. Give Beys pilaf and ayran, it is on me. Yes, Bey. Thank you. But know that we, Alps, do not take gifts. Are you Alp? Who are you? I am a merchant. I bring goods from China and India to Anatolia. What do you do? We are Kayi nomad tent’s Alps. Suleyman Shah’s nomad tent. How do you know our Bey? I knew your Bey closely. Then, come and sit with us, share our food. You are in safe hands, brave man. May find peace. I must go. Stop, brave man, you must rest. Where? Lots of heroes like you were here, Bey. Lots of brave men were shaped here. Be patient. If you are out of this hell, all world shall scare of you. I am out of that hell, Geyikli. What if my mother my brother my lover my nomad group my Alps ould not get out of that hell? What could I do then, Geyikli? Pull yourself together, gain strength, do not make haste.

Look how miserable we are, Geyikli. We pay for our mercy in our motherland and jackals attack us. I swear that my sword will be covered with their blood I will not let those tyrants in these lands! This my story, brave Alps of Kayi. Why are you here, then? We left our nomad tent after we lost Ertugrul Bey. So, you are alone like me. Alright. So, I have an offer. Offer? I travel and trade goods. I struggle with bandits and tyrants. Mongols routed the lands I travel. The long and the short of it I need brave and honest fellows who will protect my goods. You want us as your men. No. I want you to be my partner. My goods lessen in every attack and I lose some of them. But you would be with me, I travel without losing any of them. So, my profit increases. I share my goods with you instead of losing them to bandits. What do you think? Look. We draw our arms to fall a martyr.

We do not draw swords and give our lives for lucre. We are also attacked by infidels, you could fight to them. And I give you some profit. You will win in both worlds. You do not understand us. Do not waste your breath. If we fight for lucre our arms would be useless, our courage breaks. We are friends and let us keep it that way. The decision is yours. The offer is mine. Do not worry. I am waiting for my father. He said he would be here soon. Your father is sad. Mother Hayme she is a good woman but she is as stubborn as his late father. If you want to command two nomad tents Alps and show that you are a great warrior you must get along well with her. And there is Gokce. If you want to take that girl to your bed sooner or later you will ask for her permission first.

I will do my best for Gokce but other matter is more complicated. What shall I do? You need to talk to her. You are a young man who uses his tongue as good as his sword. She has just lost her son. She would see Ertugrul in you and lower her colors. I think you must handle it quickly. We are solving our problems one by one with Tugtekin, Bey. Right, Tugtekin? You speak the truth, mother. If you excuse me, mother. Mother. He could be right but he does not object exiling Alps and it sticks in my throat! Mother! We shall not forget who we are and where we came from.

Kayis are not glorious as they used to be. We suffered a lot. Gundogdu brother did what is right. Ertugrul’s Alps will come back when winter is over. Abdurrahman and Hamza truth will be revealed sooner or later. Moreover, you and Gundogdu decided to give commandership of Alps to Tugtekin. Whatever, I am in over my head. Gokce. Bring food to Halime, she should eat. Come on, my daughter. Alright, mother. Be careful about Aytolun and Tugtekin, mother. They want to poison my Bey. As they want to poison my sister Gokce. Gokce? Tell Kobek to persuade Sultan Aleaddin to give tribute to Ogeday. Or I will level these lands with the ground. Sultan would not agree that. If Kobek persuades Sultan, he would be next ruler. Understood? Peace be upon you. Can I talk? Yes, Hamza. Of course. As I said, if he wants the goods, he must pay the price. Bring my offer to him, quickly. Do not worry. Come. What is the matter, Hamza? What makes you up late? Does your offer still stand? So, that is what makes our Alp up. Look, Hamza. I need brave men to protect my goods and life. Is it profitable? More profitable than 10.000 sheep. Are you in? Hamza is missing.

What do you mean missing? He took his arms and horse and left. He must be around, brother. Where will he go to? I talked to innkeeper, he said Hamza left with merchant early in the morning. Bastard. So, he decided to be servant of that merchant. Kayis are worthless now, Bey. Ertugrul Bey was the last hope of nomad group. After he died, it is over. They broke your heart, Hamza. I have served to my nomad group and Gundogdu Bey ever since I could remember. I fought countless battles. I got nothing now. I could not go back to my nomad tent, Gundogdu Bey exiled me.

Even though he knows I am innocent. He wasted me to ingratiate himself to Tugtekin. Take this lucre and pull yourself together. I will meet a merchant. Wait for me in inn hill. I shall come with you. Merchant is coward, Hamza. If he sees you, he thinks I would seize his goods. Alright, Bey. Permission, Aunt Hayme? Come. Come in, Tugtekin. Sit down, Tugtekin. I thought about what happened yesterday. I understood that I acted impulsively, Aunt Hayme. But my anger was major. I lost too many brave men, aunt. I do not know how but I know Hamza is a traitor.

If there were not Gundogdu brother… So, what about Ertugrul’s Alps? They became rascals wondering on mountains, aunt. They are rascals after Ertugrul’s death. They disobey orders. If I forgive them I could not influence my Alps. Whatever, we will talk when winter is over. When I look at you I see Ertugrul in your eyes and your chin. Permission, Mother Hayme? Come in, daughter. You asked for Gokce but she went to Keltepe to pick up grass. All right, daughter.

Tell her to see me when she comes. Look, what happened to us. First, our Bey fall a martyr. Then our nomad tent was routed, now our brothers are traitors. Talk Abdurrahman brother, what happened? I do not know, Turgut. We captured a Mongol and made him talk. We reported to our Bey. You know what happened after. Noyan baited us. He set a trap. That is what happened. Mongols are treacherous! If Ertugrul Bey was here, he would find a way. We must alert the nomad group. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Another country heard from. Do you know him? I wish I had not. Who are you? What do you do? It is obvious that you had a trouble. Come and let me serve you food. Thank you, Geyikli. We are fine. Go to your way. Come, come. I have a gift for you. Where is Gokce Hatun? She went that way, Bey. How are you Gokce? I was passing by and saw you.

I wanted to ask how you are doing. I am fine. You should always smile like this. When you are sad, I mumble. I do not know what to talk to you. That bad? You could not imagine. Noyan is coming! Noyan is coming! Gather up! Gather up! Where is Ertugrul? He escaped, sir. What do you mean escaped? What do you mean escaped? So, I would kill you first! Ertugrul will die! Ertugrul will die! He will die even if I must sacrifice whole Mongol army! What about the Mongol trap? Trap failed. They captured Borklu. What if he talks? What if he reveals the spy in nomad group? What if they learn where we are? He will die, Noyan. Kocabash will do it. Look at me, Tankut! I gave you a mission, you screwed up everything! If you fail me again, I make dog food from your flesh! Has not the infidel talked yet? No, Bey. Guard, where is Borklu? Where is Borklu? He attacked behind and escaped, Bey. Where does this madman take us? This is not a good sign. May god help us. Gundogdu is chasing me.

Finish him. Ertugrul Bey? I brought your Alps, brave man. With the name of God. God, save us from evil jinn. I told you Geyikli is wicked. Did not you recognize your Bey? Ertugrul Bey? Is this really you? Poke him. Not me! Bey, this is you. Yes, this is me. Our Bey is alive! Bey is alive! He is alive! Bey is alive! Turgut! Dogan! Bey, thank God, you are alive! Thank God! Bey! Bey! Bey! Easy! Easy! You will make my Bey regret he is alive. Bey! My lions! Bey! Bey, thank God, you are alive! Bey! I will make you pay for what you did to me, Gundogdu. If we kill him, Noyan may forgive us. Us? Yes. You are the one who failed, Borklu. Noyan will kill all the men because of your awkwardness. The long and the short of it, Tugtekin is commander of two nomad tents’ Alps.

Hamza could not stand to Tugtekin’s slanders and left. I am talking about an army which is vandalizing from Russia to Persian towns. A wild herd that will make us hanker for Crusader Army. My brother and my mother gave the right decision. There was no other way. We must be united. About other problem, it is a mistake that you are exiled. Tugtekin is young, he made a mistake. We will do what is necessary. So, you talked about everyone. How is Aykiz sister? Aykiz… Aykiz fell martyr. They burned her alive while she was fighting.

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