Gracy Singh starts shooting for Santoshi Maa of & TV

Gracy Singh starts shooting for Santoshi Maa of & TV

Finally after three months of lockdown, the TV industry is getting back on track. With fresh new episodes, TV lovers eagerly await their favorite shows.

Multicide Updates broke the news about the power of Colors and Luca Silence cast of Dangal TV have started shooting for Lockdown

Now we hear that shooting of another show of Rashmi Sharma has started today.

We are talking & TV’s legendary show Santoshi Maa – Sunayin Vrat Kathaye.

According to our sources, actress Santosh Singh, who portrayed the lead role of Devi Santoshi Maa, has reported on the set.

We hear that the producers and crew are sure to follow all the rules directed by producer Rashmi Sharma.

We wish all the actors and crew members the best and hope that they continue to work honestly and keep the ball rolling.


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