Hrishikesh Ingale joins Madam Sir of SAB TV – Multidesiupdates

Hrishikesh Ingale

Maddam Sir is produced by Jai Mehta and Kinnari Mehta under the banner of Jai Mehta Productions.

We recently talked about two big replacements on the show. Actors Yashkant Sharma and Gaurav Wadhwa have left the show. As stated by us, the actors are replaced by Priyanshu Singh and Jatin Arora respectively

We also mentioned the cast joining Gulbo Sitabo fame to do a cameo with Ananya Dwivedi

As per the latest development, multisudates have learned that actor Hrishikesh Ingale, who has gone for shows like Siya’s Ram, Shakti and Webseries Gandi Baat 3, has been roped in for the show. We hear that he will be a part of the upcoming story in which he will play the role of a doctor.


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