Imlie 10th July 2021 Episode Written Update: Aparna Gives Aditya A Tight Slap

Imlie 10th July 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Imlie 10th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Anu unveiled an intimate video of Aditya and Imlie and asked the Tripathi family where Imlie’s husband is. Aditya says he is Imlie’s husband when he married Imlie. Pankaj angrily asks what kind of joke it is. Adi says it’s no joke and whenever he tried to warn them, things didn’t work out. Harish asks Imlie what she did. Adi says Imlie didn’t do anything wrong. Aparna remembers repeatedly finding the things of a married woman in Imlie’s bag and the incidents related to it. Adi says they should all listen to him first and then make a decision. Aparna angrily walks over to him and gives him a deserving slap. The camera focuses on everyone in the house. Malini asked what she was doing. Anu says that she is Aditya’s mother and not hers. For the first time, a right thing happened in this house. She throws jewelry at the Tripathi family’s gift and asks them to give it to the servant now. The giant screams to stop him and forcibly takes him away. Malini told Aparna that he has only heard the story of Ano and he should also hear the story of Adi and Imlie once. Aparna told Adi that even today Malini is worried about him, she always saw something in Malini’s eyes with tears and today she felt that Adi betrayed not only Malani but also her entire family.

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