Imlie 11th August 2021 Episode Written Update

Imlie 11th August 2021 Today Written Full Episode Online, Written Update Imlie 11th August 2021 All Indian Tv Serials Written Episode Available On Multidesiupdates

Imlie 11th August 2021 Today Episode Written Online
Sundar prepares kadhi/curry and seeks Imlie’s help. Imlie helps him. Radha with Aparna walks in and scolds Sundar why did he take Imlie’s help and throws kadhi in sink. Aparna orders Sundar to take family member’s help and not outsider’s. Malini walks into kitchen. Aparna asks if she remembers preparing her type kadhi. Malini says as she had taught her. Adi walks in and says he wants to invite 12-13 colleagues home for party. Aparna says he can call as many people as he can as she and Malini will manage. Adi asks why she insults Imlie in everything, he is giving party after his safe return and wants to introduce his wife because of whom he returned home safely. Aparna says he cannot see anyone except his wife, he and his wife should manage then and not trouble others. Adi says its better he doesn’t argue wit her at all and walks away. Imlie tries to walk behind him to give him tiffin. Malini stops her and walking to Adi offers him tiffin, asks him to calm down or else he will have headache. He says don’t know why maa behaves like this. Malini asks not to worry as she will handle maa and even will make her attend his party. Adi thanks her and says she understands him better as a friend. She thinks friendship is the base of a successful marriage and she will prove that only she knows to handle his family and they love only her. Read Full Written Episode

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