Ishq Aaj Kal (Love in These Days) – Episode 13 (Love is in the air)

Recap: Rocky feels happy and thanks Roumil in his heart for drugging Shivangi. He kisses her on her forehead. They share an intense eyelid.

The episode begins,

Shivangi asks Rocky, “Rocky, you are appearing in two forms.” Shivangi is high so that Rocky appears twice. Rocky thinks, “You’re too much drunk without giving me, so two Rockies are visible to you. Poor girl.” Rocky says, “No, Shivangi. You will sleep “Shivangi refuses fun and puts both her hands on Rocky’s neck. Shivangi says, “Do you know how much I love you? I love you more “Rocky thinks,” What is he saying?

Shivangi says, “Although I love you, I like to torture you.” Rocky is shocked and thinks, “Oh, then I should mix it again later.” Shivangi continues, “You know Rocky, before our first meeting, I saw you three times. I messaged you that I was where you were. Then, you got excited to find me. But I hide somewhere else. You placed a sad expression on your face when you did not find me. I will click those pictures and laugh with my friends. My friends have pity on you. But I never felt pity. Do you remember, being fooled by me, you angrily went inside your car and then you put me on the ring. During that time, I wrote in the glass of the car, flower, I love you ‘and ran away. ” Rocky thinks of an incident where someone wrote like that and was thinking to find the culprit, “This girl is hilarious to me, so that’s what she wrote on the mirror of my car. I love her.” Stay safe from the prank. If I even think to prank her, she will kill me and make biryani. “L says,” I’m sleepy Rocky. “Rocky says,” No, dear Shivangi. I didn’t let you sleep. I’ll pour cold water on your head. “

Rocky holds Shivangi in his arms and takes him to the bathroom. He pours cold water on Shivangi. Shivangi comes back to her senses and Shawab. She hugs Rocky.

They share an eyelid.

“I’m having a headache, Rocky,” says Shivangi. What happened to me? “Rocky says,” Roumil has drunk you. “Shivangi looks at him strangely. Rocky says,” Actually he planned to intoxicate you and me. But you have both glasses. Jus drank. “Shivangi says,” Really, Sorry Rocky. “Rocky says,” Why sorry? Because of your drug addiction, I got to know your feelings for me, romance for me. “He smiles and blushes. Goes in. Rocky grabs Shivangi and he takes her to bed.

Shivangi says, “Rocky, did I say something wrong?” “You revealed many things to me,” says Rocky. He laughs and Shivangi is confused. Rocky says, “Shivangi, I have a surprise for you.” Rocky takes a small jar from his cupboard and he takes Shivangi to the window.

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