Kasauti Zindagi written episode 16th March 2020 Update:

Kasauti Zindagi written episode The incident begins with Anurag saying that Prerna is living the life she deserves, even though we are not together, I will not let anyone in her joy. komolica says it means you lost the auction because of that, you could easily win it, see your condition, because of your love, you lost everything, be like me. , I love you and I am with you, I got money, business and strength, you got nothing, neither love nor peace. He says you won’t be able to understand it. She says I’m not interested. he goes. She thinks that Anurag did not win Prerna , I do not know how simple Prerna became, she became a fast business woman.

“I agree with Mr. bajaj, it will not be profitable for us, at least we need 6% of the shares,” said Shaumik. Goes to Prerna . Mr bajaj says that I want you to talk to the bosses, if they agree, we will be partners. “I will talk, I don’t think Anurag will have any problems,” says Shaumik. Mr bajaj says I want this deal. Goes Shaumik. kuki tried to get auto. Kaushik says it has bothered me a lot, I will not go back. Kuki gets scared and tries to calm herself. Prerna and Mr. Bajaj watch Anurag. Anurag says I am surprised to see you here, you are spoiling the party, you are here 8 years later and we welcome anybody. Thanks for saying, I came to see how these things get worse, I used to be restless when you were in trouble, now that you look at me like this, it gives me peace. I’m so happy Mr Bajaj asked if I would not mind if I could borrow my wife for a minute.Kasauti Zindagi written episode

Anurag says please. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna are gone. Kaushik returned. kuki argued with her. She asks why you come back? He says I came to help you. She says I am not a helpless girl, I have to get somewhere fast, please help me. They say okay, if you said please, I’ll make a video, you say, you went to the car yourself. He records the video. Some say that your dialogue is good, you look ugly in the camera. The car broke down He says I’ll check.

Kasauti Zindagi written episode Nivedita says Anurag, Mr Bajaj and Prerna Mall want to invest in the project. Anurag says that I know he wants profit after the completion of the project. Shaumik says that Prerna had laid down the terms, Mr Bajaj is only convinced, she wants to buy 6% stake in your company. Anurag is fine. What will happen if we give them 6% of the shares? She asks Shaumik to drink. She sends it She says that Shaumik is with them, she is our partner, she owns 46% of our company. Nivedita says it means if Shaumik also gives shares…. Rakhi says that then Prerna will get 52% of the shares and will become the owner of the company. Mohini says komolica is fine, you should not bargain with it. Anurag goes. Nivedita says that Komolika, Anurag did not tell me that he lost the contract because of Prerna . Komolica says that is obvious. Nivedita asks how are you letting Prerna return to our lives? “We have to do something that we hate, I don’t let it get close to Prerna ,” Komolika said. she goes. Rakhi says you all said that the wife is dead. Mohini says we felt the same way, she is alive and she came back. Tapur believes that Perena married Mr. Bajaj, what happened to Anurag, why he did not express her feelings for her, Prerna loved Anurag. Some say that you got in my car and the car broke down. kuki says he already has a flaw. He says you get down from the car. She is screaming He went with the auto. He stopped…

Mr. bajaj says that I underestimated you and thought you would not be able to handle all this, these people were your family, you are intelligent, calm and composed. If I had known this I would not have come here, Came to the party, I’m flying back tomorrow. “As long as they are connected to you, people can hurt you,” she says. I have no emotional connection with them anymore. He says the city has taken away from you, your wounds. She says that I did not allow the wounds to heal, I will take everything away from them, thank you for always encouraging me. He held her hand and said thank you. The man declares the dance. Anurag, Komolika, Prerna and Mr. Bajaj danced to the romance songs. Anurag and Prerna shared a dance. He says you should not come here, everyone is dressed in white and red, his party theme, you are wearing black. She says I don’t like red anymore. We are unfaithful…. He remembers everything.

Kasauti Zindagi written episode Kaushik says no, she can’t be my GF. I could be her BF. I can’t handle that. Piranha noticed that the cookie ring was missing. “I think cheap has stolen my pendant,” Kuki said. If you meet her the next time, retrieve the pendant, says Piranha. Anurag asked to leave Kushuk. The devil and the angel cannot sleep in the same room, Koshk says. Anurag says okay, you can sleep here. Koshuk thinks I can’t deny you. Anurag says I will ask Komolika to stay in the guest room. Someone says I will go. Many people insulted me. This is too much. Anurag believes this is madness; I think she’s back. Pina says, very soon. We face each other. Kasautii Zindagi written episode

Kasauti Zindagi Written Episode Update: Anurag’s Expects Shatter Written episodes on multidesiupdates

PRECAP Kasautii Zindagi written episode :Mr Bajaj says next time Anurag will push you under the bridge. Comolica says they will never do that to me. Piranha says that I have come to take revenge. Mohani saw it. Mr Bajaz says he is not your fiancé, he is my fiancé.

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