Kasauti Zindagi ki written episode Kay 17th March 2020 Update:

Kasauti Zindagi ki written episode Kay 17th March 2020 Update:

Kasauti Zindagi ki written The episode started with Mr Bajaj from Kamolika asking why you took the Prerna here. He asks why I can’t, are you afraid Anurag will leave you. She says you think she’ll drop me for a sweater, which she pushed down the bridge, come on, you’re smarter than that.

It says the person and the situation cannot be trusted, next time he will push you under the bridge. She says that I trust her completely, she will do it, she can leave me when I want, I know she doesn’t love me, but she’s with me, that’s enough. Ajeeb dastaan… .Plays… .
. She remembers their moments. She turned and hit the waiter. Shaumik scolded the waiter. She says okay. She goes to the washroom. She enters Anurag’s room and sees the picture of Anurag and Komolika.

She remembers Anurag and her picture and their baby in a crib. Prerna asks why did you put this big frame here? He says I wanted to grow up, love grows. She says to put it again after the wedding. “Well, this frame is my heart, I want you to always be with me,” he said. They hugged. FB termination. “It was my love that you gave to someone else, how can I forget, no anorexia …” I won’t cry this time, you don’t deserve it. You are, now you are smiling, this smile will not be long, I will take everything from you.

Anurag went to see Mr. Bajaj. He asks why you came here? Mr Bajaj says that if there are no partners, think we are guests, happy with the new launch of Prerna. Anurag says I don’t think you should have come back here. Mr Bajaj says that perhaps I do not want to tell you why. Anurag asks why Prerna is here, you know what I can do with her. Mr Bajaj says you don’t think you can influence Prerna, the times have changed, you are only her rival, she hates you. Anurag says before saying sorry, just leave town. Mr Bajaj says if you think he is weak, then you may be sorry, he is not your loved one whom you pushed to kill, he is my darling, something will not be right now, I want your No regrets

“I came here to take revenge,” says Prerna. Mohini comes and asks what are you doing here? Prerna says I have come to clean the stain. They argue. Mohini asks her to tell him the truth, why did she come here. Prerna asks why I answer, what right are you asking, you did not honor me daughter or sister. Mohini says I know you and you want to target us instead. Prerna smiled and went away. From the haunting anxiety.

Anurag sees Prerna stumbling and goes to catch her. Nivedita told Prenna that she should stay away from her house, she would suffer. There are many people who can look bad, says Prenna. She looks at Komolika and thinks you will lose me. komolika thinks you won’t be able to compete with me. Anurag remembers Prenna. Kuki comes home and tells Prenna about Kaushik. Kaushik came to Anurag and told him about the kuki. Don’t talk so much about it, you’ll fall for it, says Prenna. kuki says let’s go to sleep, where’s dad. Prenna says go and meet her. kuki says I’ll meet him tomorrow. Some people say goodnight, we will meet in the morning. Anurag asked her to sit down and tell her love story with the new girl. Trust me, I will never love him. he goes. Mohini asks how did the party come to power? Rakhi asks if it happened that Anurag and Prenna were separated. Tapor says that I have heard that Prenna has left him. Mohini says it’s good that she left, we know that Sneha was Bajaj and Prenna’s daughter, she thought something else, I don’t know why she is not leaving him, why she came back.

Nivedita says that Anurag thought that he was Sneha’s daughter, Komolika never complained, even when Anurag took the name of Prenna and Sneha to sleep, he never made a joke on her. Rakhi says Sehna was Bajaj’s daughter and Prenna took her along. komolika comes out and says that you mean that Prenna is going to hit me now.finish Kasauti Zindagii written episode

PRECAP Kasauti Zindagii written episode :

KomoliKa debated with Nivedita and told her not to go to the office anymore. She tells Anurag that Ronit will beat Priina.

Kasauti Zindagi ki written episode 16 march 2020 Kaushik says no, she can’t be my GF. I could be her BF. I can’t handle that. Piranha noticed that the cookie ring was missing. “I think cheap has stolen my pendant,” Kuki said. If you meet her the next time, retrieve the pendant, says Piranha. Anurag asked to leave Kushuk. The devil and the angel cannot sleep in the same room, Koshk says. Anurag says okay, you can sleep here. Koshuk thinks I can’t deny you. Anurag says I will ask Komolika to stay in the guest room. Someone says I will go. Many people insulted me. This is too much. Anurag believes this is madness; I think she’s back. Pina says, very soon. We face each other. Kasautii Zindagi ki written episode

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