Kasauti Zindagi written updates 2nd March 2020 Written Episode : Anurag Kill Prerna

Kasauti zindagi ki 28th feb 2020
Written Episode Update

Kasauti zindagi written updates The episode begins with Anurag remembering everything. He says my baby got blood, sorry and thank you. The nurse says one person came and gave blood, he also knows your family, you are lucky, you thank him. Nivedita heard this. Anurag asks for names and signs. The nurse says we don’t know the name, but you can see the sign. Nivedita called Mohini and said that Anurag did not arrange blood. Mohini asks what? They go to see. The nurse asks staff to register. IF YOU NEED READ MORE https://multidesiupdates.com/kasauti-zindagi-ki-28th-feb-2020-written-episode-updates/

Kasauti zindagi ki 2nd march 2020 Written Episode Update The episode begins with Prerna thinking that I trust Anurag, she has already told me everything, she is doing it for us. Anurag comes. She says hug me, please. He hugged her. She says I’m scared. He asked why, tell me. She says I think something bad has happened between us, it has not been seen. He says that we are made for each other, we are living for each other, we will always be alive, we have to go now. Where does she ask? They say the place is close to my heart, I have some work in the farmhouse. He takes her to the bridge. She asks why we should stay at the Howrah Bridge? He says I have to express my feelings, my love is deeper than this. The dream is true… the game…. Kasauti zindagi ki 2nd march 2020 Written Episode Update

He takes it and lifts it in his arms. She indicates He says that you know Prerna, I always felt that love is only in stories, after meeting you I knew what love is. The sky has arrived… .plus… He holds her hand and smiles. He says that I know how beautiful life is, I learned to live after I met you, my heart was beating and it is love, I have returned to death because of it, you remember, when I was in a coma, I just heard your voice, it gave me life, I could live and die for you. She pauses and says quietly…. What are you saying, we are uniting right now and you are saying, we will be together till our last breath, we will go home, we have to get married. He stops it. He sits on the bridge railing. He holds her. He says, “Tell me how much you love me.”

She says that it is a feeling between us, which is greater than love, more than the love of the soul. He asks with love from the soul. He says I was trying to say that too. She says I don’t know how much I express myself, how much I love you, I am only there if you are there, I am nothing without you. You are the only… .they open up… he asks can I ask you something? She says ask. He asks how much you love me? She says a lot, even if I were to kill you, I would be happy. He says then die. He leaves it. She falls down the bridge into the river. The story… ..please…. She raises her hand to him and cries while remembering their moments. She falls into the water and tries to come up. She thinks about love. She is trapped by water plants. Mr Bajaj plunged into the water and swam to save it. Prerna closes her eyes. He releases it from the plant and expels it out.

He takes it to a wooden stand. Prerna was conscious. She says that Anurag tried to kill me, she pushed me down. Mr Bajaj told him to be quiet. She looks at him and says Mr. Bajaj … he says I’m alive, my opponent gave fake news, my flight crashed but I wasn’t in this flight, I thought to tell the truth, then I Learn that you are a baby, and that you are also married to Anurag. She says Anurag…. He pushed me down, he tried to kill me, he couldn’t do it, take me to him. He nods and says, “Come on.” She says Basu Villa. They come there. “I have to tell you why they did it,” says Prerna.

She runs upstairs. She sees Anurag with Komolika. She was shocked komolika finally says, “Out of our lives, it’s just you and me, I’m all of you.” Prerna was surprised to see them romance. Mr Bajaj grabbed the prairie and closed his mouth. He takes it. Prerna tries to be free. Mr Bajaj took him out. He takes her in his car. Prerna recalls Anurag. She says that I loved her very much, she cheated on me, what I did, I did wrong. Mr Bajaj says he did this because he didn’t need you. When I went to London, I told my man to keep an eye on you and tell me what was going on in your life. I told you about kamolika, I told you that if you ever need me, call me, you didn’t call me, so I didn’t come, I don’t want to interfere with your life, I found out that you signed some papers. Prerna says yes, registration papers. He says these were home papers, I gave you some more property before I left, you signed the papers and gave everything to Anurag, the property I named for your child. You named Kuki as your daughter, then I considered your child mine, but now everything is in Basu’s name, so he tried to kill you today. Prerna misses Anurag and cries.

Mr Bajaj says that I cannot understand how a cold heart can be, knowing that you love it so much. She says you’re fine, I was there, I’ve seen everything and heard everything, she told this to Kamolika in front of me, she denied it. His phone comes He asked what…. He says your daughter, Komolika, has sent her to the orphanage. She was shocked

Prerna asks what happened here. The man said that the gas cylinder kept in the kitchen had exploded, the newborn baby coming today could not survive. My daughter is screaming…. She runs Mr. Bajaj stopped it. She says that I cannot live without my daughter. He says you have to live for cookie, you deserve a better life, not here, come to London with me, cookie is what you need.

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