Kasauti Zindagi written updates 5TH March 2020 Written Episode

Kasauti Zindagi written updates The episode started with Koshuk saying that Anurag did not give me time to get ready. Anurag says you always complain. Some say that I will complain to you about Diya. He called diya. Anurag says she is asleep, relax. Mohini says okay, can I say something, your mother is coming. Nivedita asks when is the rakhi coming? Today, Anurag made it straight from the airport to the venue, arrangements have been made, Mohini said. Anurag looked at Kamolika with a smile and said, of course, she wants to show how capable she is, what her place in the house is, we are late. he goes. Komolika asks what makes her happy by fighting. Mohani says this is how they express love, relax.

Anurag sees a couple getting married in the temple and remembers Prerna. Prerna is in flight. He thinks that I can never give Komolika dirty rights. She thinks I’m going to finish my story. In his view, our story is still incomplete. Anurag says it’s better to hurry up late. Someone goes. He thinks I don’t understand him, why he has reasons to stay away from home, nobody tells us. Kuki asked if we arrived in Kolkata? Prerna believes that I want to see Anurag and fight him, so that I give him what he deserves, the punishment, my revenge. Some say that we have time to eat something. Anurag tells him to leave. Kaushik signs with Air Hosts. She smiles and says that I will see you in the staff room in 15 minutes. He plays the organ of the mouth. kuki says I’ll be here now.Prerna believes that this city has given me dreams and the people here have turned dreams into bad memories, this city has deceived me.

Kasauti Zindagi written updates Anurag and Prerna feel each other. Your life… .the game…. She goes there He turns to look. Someone comes to him. Anurag says Kaushik. Someone goes. Anurag went to check out. He doesn’t look good. kuki is looking for Prerna. The air hostess asks if kuki liked the airport? kuki says I lost my bags. The woman asked him to come with her. Anurag welcomed the monkey and hugged him. She asks how my son is, does he hurt you? Anurag says he hurts sometimes, but I handle it, he doesn’t care about the time, he is learning, he is my right. She says it’s not my bag. He asks if you are serious, you haven’t checked. He was shocked to see Prerna written on the tag. They say Prerna. Rakhi says sorry, maybe there. He asked whose bag it was, well, I’ll go and check it. Kaushik embraced the kuki and said, “I love you.” She says leave me, I know people like you. They argue. Prerna checks the bag tag. The lady says your bag is there, the shower is there, your bag is exchanged with her. Anurag looks at Prerna and goes to see her face.

Kasauti Zindagi written updates Her phone came and said yes, Kamolika said. Prerna was furious to hear her voice. She remembers her cheating. Anurag certainly. Says Komolika says that you are getting cash in Prerna. She argues with him. She thinks that I do not understand when she praises me and when she traps me in words. Anurag looks at Prerna. kuki returned the coat to the woman. The lady says there is good news, she has your luggage. Kuki goes to Anurag and says this is our bag. He says sorry, this is my bag. He tries to look at Prerna face. Prerna thinks you won’t be able to cope with me, as I was not prepared to face your cheating 8 years ago. Kuki asked Prerna to come, they took the bag. Anurag goes. Kaushik hugged the rakhi. Anurag took the bag and thought that I felt like the lady was around me, not…. How can she be here, she’s gone.

Kasauti Zindagi written updates PRECAP:Piranha Mata went to the PANDAL.

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