Kasauti Zindagi Written Update 6th March 2020 : Komolika remembers how he blackmailed Anurag 8 years ago

Kasauti Zindagi written update The episode started with Koshuk saying that Anurag did not give me time to get ready. Anurag says you always complain. Some say that I will complain to you about Diya. He called diya. Anurag says she is asleep, relax. Mohini says okay, can I say something, your mother is coming. Nivedita asks when is the rakhi coming? Today, Anurag made it straight from the airport to the venue, arrangements have been made, Mohini said. Anurag looked at Kamolika with a smile and said, of course, she wants to show how capable she is, what her place in the house is, we are late. he goes. Komolika asks what makes her happy by fighting. Mohani says this is how they express love, relax.

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Today’s event began with Kamolika meeting with Tapur. She appreciates its appearance. She asks about fascination. Mohini and Navy come together. Tapor gets upset and asks Komolika whether his screws are with the Navy. Tapur says no. Next, the women there praised Pooja Pandal, decorated by Komolika.

Meanwhile, Komolika watches over Prerna’s’ family and indirectly defeats Vina and Prerna’s siblings. Afterwards, Komolika is happy to think that she is Basu’s daughter-in-law.

There, Prerna Puja hears the noise coming from Pandal. He found out about Pooja Pandal and Kuki asked Prerna to leave. On the other hand, Rakhi meets Basu. Later, Komolika holds Anurag’s hand and Anurag feels hurt. He tells her not to play. Komolika reminds Anurag about Diya and tells her how they are ruined that night in a drunken state. Anurag says it was his fault and he regrets.

Further, Anurag feels the presence of Prerna. Prerna steps into the puja venue. Anurag remembers his moments with Prerna and shouts.

Anurag remembers his moments with Prerna and shouts. He believes Prerna did not kill Viraj but was saving him. Meanwhile, Kamolika remembers how she found a recording of Anurag and Viraj’s fight and thinks about trapping Prerna in the murder case. She describes how she exposed herself to Anurag. In the flashback Anurag was seen in front of Sonolika confessing her love to Prerna. Sonolika revealed to them that they were Komolika. Anurag was surprised.

Komolika reminds Anurag how she falls down a mountain and returns to fight death. She gives him plastic surgery proofs and papers. Anurag was stunned..

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