kasauti zindagi written updates : 7 march 2020 episode update Anurag recalls the situation in Komolica

Kasauti Zindagi written updates The episode begins with Anurag being shocked by the papers. If you believe it right now, how much I love you. He says you’ve lost it, you’re crazy, stay away. She says that the day you leave me will be the last day of Piranha’s life. FB termination. He thinks that would not have happened, but it was the day of Komolika, he showed me the video. FB is showing the video to Kamolika. She says that I got all the CCTV footage in the area so that it is not safe. Anurag was shocked. She says that you love Piranha so much, if you do not take her out of your life then everyone will know that Viraj did not fall down and die, but with the shock of Piranha. She says break her heart, you always broke my heart. She says tell me, if you can’t do that, I promise, I’ll remove her name from this world. He grabbed her neck. She says you dare not, my partner also has this footage, he will give the footage to the police. If he does not talk to me, just think, go to the porch and the police come to arrest him. Yes, you can never save it, now you have two options, be mine first and make me cumulika anurag basu, or lose the lady forever, the choice is yours, if you listen to me If you tell your girlfriend that you love me, she wins’ Don’t believe it, she’ll never leave you, you have to think differently so that she Never come back to this life. FB termination.

Kasauti Zindagi written updates He thinks she’s gone, but she’s still in my heart, save what I did, I become a bad guy in her eyes, she hates me, It broke her trust and she lost it, I had to give her a gift. Sadness was my life, I took her to the bridge and convinced her that I wanted to kill her, I just didn’t kill her. What, but also his love, belief, that he believes Anurag is dead, how will I let Parrina die, I have divers ready, I know he did not die that day, he is alive, That b Wish I was, I kept distance from Piranha’s family, because I don’t want Komolika to harm them, she is a devil, my evil in front of her evil weakens, I think Piranha exists, it is my Enough for that, I just loved Priyanka.

Piranha says give me strength. She goes to pray. Anurag is praying in the venue. Piranha stands there and worships. His limestone flew over Anurag. He turned to look at her. She covers her face. He holds up the stand and turns with it. He died of smoke. She went and looked. He thinks about why I always find myself here. Koshik is talking about his friend Kuki. He was struck by seduction. She asks for Komolika. Comolica says the palace should be made in desi ghee. Mohani says exactly what she says. She asks Kamolika to do Aarti with Anurag. Goes to Comolica. Piranha saw him coming and pushed her. Comolica asks Are you blind? Purna thinks that I was blind before, but not now, I will not leave anyone who has cheated me, but I will start with Anurag. She’s gone. Komolika thinks I will not leave you, I have to go to Anurag. She goes to Anurag and says sorry, I’m busy at work, will we do Aarti now? He says okay, worship and not everyone is yours, you just pretend, relax. He screams it and goes away.

Aunt asks everything is fine. “Of course, he was praising me in the same way,” said Komolika, sweetheart of husband and wife, somebody is calling you, go. She thinks I know why you’re doing this. He thinks I’m away from the family, you will find Anurag, who always reminds you that he is wrong. Comolica believes that I have dreamed of finding you, you are with me, it fulfills my ego, I am with you, if I am burning you will have to burn. Anurag hears speech and summons. Vina says no shawl is sold, we have not received anything. finish Kasauti Zindagi written updates 7th march 2020

Kasauti Zindagi written updates

Kasauti Zindagi written updates The episode started with Koshuk saying that Anurag did not give me time to get ready. Anurag says you always complain. Some say that I will complain to you about Diya. He called diya. Anurag says she is asleep, relax. Mohini says okay, can I say something, your mother is coming. Nivedita asks when is the rakhi coming? Today, Anurag made it straight from the airport to the venue, arrangements have been made, Mohini said. Anurag looked at Kamolika with a smile and said, of course, she wants to show how capable she is, what her place in the house is, we are late. he goes. Komolika asks what makes her happy by fighting. Mohani says this is how they express love, relax.

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