Kasautii Zindagi written episode 10th March 2020 Update:

Kasautii Zindagi written episode This episode begins with Tanisha panicking at seeing the fire. The monk calms him. Nivedita told Tasha Nisha to take her home. Mohini asked Anurag. Komolika says Anurag said he was going home with Koshik. Mohani says no, my heart says she is here. She goes to see Cookie comes in and says, “Go. You can’t go there, the guard says. Cookie says my mom is there. She thinks that if anything happens to Parina, how will I respond to Dad, no, I’m coming to Parina, I have to go, I need a car. Kaushik teases girls. Cookie told them to get out of the car. He asks, what do you want? Cookie says I need this car. Girls fight for it. Cookie came in and said, Listen to me. The venue is on fire, Parina, my mother is unconscious, please take the car. Kasautii Zindagi written episode

Koshak walked up to the venue and said, “See the fire. I’m not moving the car. Our lives will be in danger. Cookie asked, my mom is in, get out of the car, I’ll drive. It says that we cannot risk life for anyone. He also sits back and says that I can’t leave you alone. She runs. They come in. She is screaming. They argue. They see Anurag and Piranha. They take them out. She looks back at them. She says, I think I know her. Koshak asked. Let’s do one thing. We will take them to the hospital. She says, thank you. We will arrange for a doctor. She tells him to stop the car. He asks why there is no hospital here. She calls it dumb and shows off her car. They argue. Kasautii Zindagi written episode

She says that my father will arrange for the best doctor, we will manage. She takes Parrina in her car. Koshak asks Komolika to call the doctor. They are coming home. Mr. Bajaz asks how this happened? Kuki says I don’t know. I just packed it in the car. She is not conscious. He says okay, go home. She says, very sorry He thinks she’ll be fine, don’t worry. He ends the call. Cooke says his fragile, father called a doctor. He thinks why it is difficult to live without it. At home, Parina senses consciousness. Cookie asked if you were okay, say something, were you having an affair. Piranha asked how she is? Kuki asked, who would be fine, his nephew took it, I did not see any injury to him. Purna thinks I’ll just hurt her. Anurag wakes up and says, He remembers seeing Parina in the venue. Mohini asked Pristina……

Anurag says I’ve seen it. Where does she ask? They say the venue. She says I don’t say that Komolika won’t feel right. Kuki says that I think I know why a nice guy, familiar, doesn’t know. Open my laptop, says Parina. Cookie says, not yet, eat some food. Parina says the land auction is pending, get a computer. Cookie urges him to eat dinner. Anurag says she saved my life. Mohani says no, Kushuk kept you. I will come now

Comolica asked the nurse again. The nurse said that she had seen the Prerna, which is the Prerna komolika says a dream that will never be fulfilled. You can leave now. Comolica goes into fascination. She asks what Anurag was saying. Mohini says he may have seen a vision. “There is a big difference between fantasy and reality, I’m the wife of Anurag, okay,” said Comolica. “Of course, you’re not angry,” says Mohani, fine. Komolika asked why?

She says that I am the truth of Anurag’s life. She goes and scolds the servant. Mohini thinks that Anurag is speaking the truth, no, not the meditation…. Piranha and Kuki have soup. Kuki asked why the auction is for you? For someone else, she has devils, says Pina. She thinks that I know Anurag dreamed of planning a city on this land, he does not know my idea, he broke my house and dreams, I will not let your dreams succeed. Anurag says it was crazy, I know it. Kaushik comes and hugs him. Does he ask what’s in your pocket? Koshik cookie found. Anurag asked whose ear is it? Some people say a girl’s earring. Anurag asks your GF. Kasautii Zindagi written episode

Kaushik says no, she can’t be my GF. I could be her BF. I can’t handle that. Piranha noticed that the cookie ring was missing. “I think cheap has stolen my pendant,” Kuki said. If you meet her the next time, retrieve the pendant, says Piranha. Anurag asked to leave Kushuk. The devil and the angel cannot sleep in the same room, Koshk says. Anurag says okay, you can sleep here. Koshuk thinks I can’t deny you. Anurag says I will ask Komolika to stay in the guest room. Someone says I will go. Many people insulted me. This is too much. Anurag believes this is madness; I think she’s back. Pina says, very soon. We face each other. Kasautii Zindagi written episode

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