Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Implement the project of Ranbir and Prachi Sarita Bahen

Ranbir begins this episode after arriving at Prachi and asks him to leave today. Prachi says I don’t have a car. Ranbir says I have a car and I say I will leave you. He asked her to come and ask why she is sad. Prachi says I am sad and guilty. She says she’s thinking about it and asks if you marry Maya, will you stop talking to me? Ranbir says never. I won’t do it She says Maya won’t let you talk to me or meet me. Ranbir asks why we are talking about it and says that he will not come into my life and you will not go out of my life. Prachi says if you get married. Ranbir says marriage will not take place. She says if it happens then? Ranbir says I will never break your friendship. He thinks that I always want to be with you, but my destiny is not with me.

Ranbir accompanied him to Prachi’s house. He tells someone to play sad songs. Prachi says she has failed her life test. Pragya asked what happened? Ranbir points out that the chief’s friend who tried to stop the marriage is in the hospital. She says Maya hugs her father and says she wants to marry me. He tells that Maya’s father threatened to marry me. She says I do not want to marry Maya and says what to do, will I marry. Prachi says you’re doing melodrama and says it sounds comedy. Pragya says the girl will ruin her life. Sarita Benn says I have an idea and asks her to marry Maya. She says if you break the flute, you will not get married. She says if Maya married someone else, Ranbir would be saved. Prachi says Maya loved Saloni’s boyfriend’s money. She says she will count on Ranbir’s bad qualities and says she will tell that she is flirtatious. Ranbir says what are you saying? He asks if I will marry her and then divorce her the next day. Sarita Benn says she has a good idea and says she has seen it in the movie. She says Ranbir has to get married. She states that Ranbir’s first wife will come and tell her that she is her husband. She says then Maya’s father will not allow this marriage. Ranbir likes Sarita Behan’s Idea. Pragya asked who would become Ranbir’s wife. Shahana says she will become. Pragya said no and said he wants some fresh faces he does not know about, and says he will also gather NGOs for support. Ranbir and Prachi became hopeful. Ranbir thanked and hugged Sarita. He said goodbye to Prachi. Prachi said goodbye to him and smiled. He turns to leave. Prachi closed the door and hugged Pragya.

Aaliya tells Vikram that he should have told her earlier and tells that Rhea has said that the minister refused to help her. She calls the lawyer who says the case is in her favor. The lawyer says Chaubey will go to jail. Aaliya asked them to show the video. Vikram has played a video in which Ranbir confesses his love to Maya. Lawyers ask them to delete the video and say that if we take this video to court, the case will be lost. Pallavi says the video is with Chaubey. Lawyer Chaubey will show this video to the court and he says we will lose the case. He tells them to end the court cases. He says Ranbir can refuse the marriage, but Chaubey can take him to court again. Ranbir eventually had to marry Maya, he says. Ranbir says if Maya and her father break the alliance, I can get out of this mess. Beeji says how it will be? Ranbir says I know. Aaliya says if Maya and her father break the alliance. She arranges for Vikram to meet Chaubey’s senior.

Sarita behen asked Shahana to open the door and said someone came. Shahana said okay. She opens the door. A modern girl came in. Shahana looks at him. The girl says she’s a dimple. Ranbir says who is he? Sarita behen says she is your husband. Shahana asks if Ranbir will marry her? Ranbir says this is the first time I see him. Sarita behen says that she is Dimple Shah and an actress, she will work to become his wife. Ranbir, Prachi and Shahana remember their plans. Prachi says she was scared. Sarita behen tells Dimple that she has to work to become his wife. She asks if her parents will be pleased. We have cast you, ”says Sarita behen. Ranbir explains that whenever they hear the word marriage, they get scared and want to be celibate. He says that if I marry you to Dimple, then I have to ask your parents for your hands, because what is happening between us will be serious. Prachi saw it. Ranbir asks if he likes his acting? Dimple says if she is a natural actor or an expert with girls. Ranbir says I think I am very comfortable with you. Prachi coughs and asks Shahun to take the Dimple for fake acting. Shahana took the Dimpleings inside. Prachi scolds Ranbir for calling the girl a Dimple Dimple Dimple. She asks what are you saying? Ranbir says I was joking. Prachi says your wedding will be fun. Ranbir says the girl is professional. Prachi says I’ve seen how she looks at you and makes a face. Ranbir laughed and said you look beautiful. I love singing …

PRECAP: Wear Prachi Ranbir She comes to meet Dimple and discovers that she has left for her outdoor shoot. Prachi was shocked.

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