Kumkum Bhagya 5th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Prachi and Ranbir helped Dimple to stop the engagement

This episode begins with Ranbir and Prachi coming into the room. Ranbir saw Dimple dressed in a saree and said oh my god…. Prachi asks Dimple why she is wearing a low waist saree and says that she is not wearing it properly. She asks Ranbir why he said oh god. Ranbir says I said … Prachi told her to be quiet. He asks why when you don’t want to know the answer? Sarita behen called Shahana and she left. Dimple says Prachi is proud. Ranbir smiled. Prachi covers Dimple and takes it from there. Ranbir looks at Prachi’s image and tells him that when she looks cute and fights with her most of the time. Shahana tells her and tells her to tell it to Prachi. Prachi covers Dimple’s stomach. Ranbir says she looks good. Prachi asked them to drink tea. Dimple asks Ranbir if she thinks Maya will leave him and says that if she’s in his place, she won’t leave him. He likes chocolate boy. Ranbir says it depends on his acting and suggests that he even likes chocolate. White color is behind it for a rich photo background. Prachi wears Dumple and Ranbir’s beads with her hands. She then asks Shahana to bring something for Tika. Bring something smart. Prachi hinted at Dimple’s hairline and pointed at Ranbir’s forehead. Shahana asks Ranbir to place his hand on Dumple’s shoulder so that it looks like he has been married. They are eligible for the picture Prachi clicked on his picture. Dimple is about to kiss him, but Prachi says the photo has already been taken. “We sit down and think about what will make a story about engagement,” Prachi said. They sit on the bed. Ranbir held Prachi’s hand. Prachi watched. Never again does the song play… .Shahana smiles seeing them.

The minister came to meet Vikram and Aaliya Ranbir to save him. The minister comes and asks about his purpose for his visit. Aaliya says she came to donate to the party fund. The minister is happy to see the amount of one million charities and asks how he can help them. Vikram told Chaubey that he was trying to force his daughter to marry his son. The minister says he now has enough money and does not need his charity. He points out that Chaubey is his junior and has arrived at this spot very quickly. He tells them that he can’t help them and asks Aaliya to let the marriage happen. Aaliya and Vikram went through stress.

Shahana comes to Dimple and tells him to wait. Prachi didn’t ask Ranbir to get upset. Ranbir says you are very good. Prachi asked did you say anything? He says nothing and asks to come. He puts his hand on her waist. Prachi is surprised. Ranbir says you are not going with me and you take his hand off his waist.

Shahana gave Dimple a charger. Dimple asks Shahana about Prachi and Ranbir. Shahana says something is up, but Prachi is confused and Ranbir realizes his feelings. Dimple says that Prachi will soon be realized and she still loves him and is honored. She says she’ll be together soon. Prachi asked Ranbir to leave Dimple’s house and told him not to stop the car for tea or anything. She asks him not to go to Dumple’s house for tea or coffee. He asked why? Prachi says tomorrow is an important day. She asks Dimple to be ready and tells her she will come tomorrow. Dimple sat in his car. Ranbir came to Prachi and told her not to worry and not care. Prachi says the same. The song plays again. Pracchi kept watching him on the way. Shahana teases him.

Pallavi tells Vikram that her son is crying and he could not help her. Vikram says he has a feeling that everything will be fine. Pallavi says all my dreams will be destroyed … Vikram has asked to rule Bahu? “We have to arrange the engagement in the morning and then we have to marry Ranbir,” Pallavi said.

In the morning, the Kohli family is ready. Pallavi says no one came from Mehra’s house. Aryan comes in and tells her that no one wants to come, because they think this marriage is not good. Chubey called Vikram and threatened to ask if he would come or he would send someone to come. Vikram says he is coming. Chocolate milk is served for me. Aaliya took it from her hand and told that Rhea didn’t want to meet anyone because she was worried. She thinks Ranbir has blamed Ranbir for her engagement and she plans to send him something.
The car has Ranbir and Arun. Ranbir smiled. Aryan says that you look cool like Ranveer Singh, but inside you are as sad as Ajay Devgn. Ranbir stops his car and says I’m not sad and tells him not to use his psychology. Aryan says I’m very sorry for you. Ranbir says that you have a misunderstanding and says he will not be engaged. Aryan asked to tell her. Ranbir says we have a plan and explains everything. Aryan says it’s best, no father will marry his daughter to such a boy. Ranbir calls Prachi. Prachi says that she is Dimple’s house and will bring her there. Ranbir cheerfully tells Aryan that once they succeed in canceling the engagement, their party will be there. Prachi is ringing the doorbell. The servant comes out. Prachi asked her about the dumplings. The serpent states that Dimple went for his outdoor shoot. Prachi was shocked.

The Precap will be added later.

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