Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Abhi and Pragya hit and miss during Holi

The episode starts with Sarita behen who asks why you haven’t played Holi for years. Pragya says she doesn’t just celebrate Holi. Sarita behen asks Do you want to play like you want to play with your husband? Abi and Vikram come there. Vikram asks why you don’t want to play Holi. Abe says he only wants to celebrate Holi with his wife. Abi saw a boy holding Holly’s color and was coughing. Abby tries to help her and takes the plate. He sees someone throwing paint at him and turns to save it, and the plate color falls on Pargya. He turns to her, but does not see his face. Pragya puts a hand on her face. Someone throws a yellow color at it. He comes close to her and is about to see him, but Vikram comes and takes Abi from there.

Sarita behen asked Do you meet your husband? Pragya left and smiled as she thought about Abhi. Maya approaches Parachi and asks why he is behind Ranbir, knowing that he is marrying her. Prachi says we will talk about how the wedding is going. That’s when Maya’s phone came. Ranbir is on the phone and asks him to come to his father’s room. Maya tells Prachi that Ranbir is calling her in her bedroom and is upset with her. She then tells Pragya that if I see you close to her … Ranbir calls her again. Maya tells him to bring her because she doesn’t know where the room is. Pallavi asked Prachi why are you talking to her? Prachi says she was trying to bring the truth to the fore. I belong to Aaliyah and she has come to Sarita Behen and congratulates her on her happiness. Sarita behen said Parachi’s mother is enjoying Holly when someone throws a ring at her. Pragya comes there and is giving water to Sarita behen. I asked who gave you the color? Pragya says someone threw it away. Aaliya is about to see Parigia, but some guests stop her. Pragya went to wash her face with Sarita Behen. Prachi told Beji and Pallavi that Maya’s family is nothing but ordinary. Just then something goes in his eyes, Ranbir comes in and starts to wash his eyes. Carries Bejee smiled at them and told Pallavi that Ranbir had changed so much and became a gentleman.

Sarita behen took Pragya to the washroom. Abi and Vikram came there and greeted Sarita behen. Pragya listens to Abi’s voice and thinks he is missing her and that is why he is listening. Sarita Behen asks what is she doing here? Abhi and Vikram say this is our home. Abhi Sarita looks after her sister. She also looks for them. She tells that Prachi’s mother is inside and went to clean the paint with her face. She asks them to meet her. Ranbir took Prachi to another washroom. Prachi washed his face. Ranbir cleared the color with his eyes. He looks at her and rolls her eyes. You play in the lost blood… plays… Prachi opened her eyes and looked at her. She indicates that she is all right. Ranbir stops him and moves his hair from his shoulders. He draws flowers from his hair. Aaliya is leaving and looks at them angrily. she goes. They heard the sound of the door and came out. The slip falls and he holds it. Prachi went out. Plovy asked Prachi what color came out? Prachi said yes. Pallavi asked what was the plan to stop the marriage? Prachi says we drink Maya. Ranbir says so much that she explains her plan. Pallavi likes the idea and goes to tell Biz.

Abhi, Vikram and Sarita sister sit on the bed to play chudi udi, cow udi and more. They saw Mr. Chaubey and left. Pragya comes there. Sarita Behen says she wants to talk to Chaubey and ask her to reject her thoughts on Maya and Ranbir’s marriage. Pragya looks at the guitar and gets emotional.

Ranbir told Beeji and Prachi that making Maya drunk is wrong. Pallavi says Chaubey threatened to close down his father’s business. They targeted Ranbir and tried to appease him. Ranbir says if I add something to his drink then what will be the difference between us? Beeji says if you want us to go to jail. She says she’ll make him drink alcohol. Prachi says she let Ranbir drink him to be his friend. Beeji comes to Maya and gives him a drink. Maya says it’s brittle. Beeji says if anyone asks, tell me I gave you a drink. Maya took the glass. Just then, his cousin comes and takes the glass. Ranbir says I have to handle this situation. He goes there and coughs. Maya’s sister is drinking her wine. He drinks Prachi and Pallavi got into tension.

Precap: Abhi and Pragya dance can be a scene of imagination during Holi celebrations.

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