Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Ranbir seeks Abhi’s help.

Sahana keeps asking Prachi about Ranbir because she thinks Prachi proposes Ranbir and he rejects her offer while he says that I did not propose Ranbir, he proposes to me. And I didn’t even have a chance to reject them. Sahana says, if so, I’m going to tell everyone about it. Sahana called Pragya and Sarita and informed that Ranbir had suggested our Prachi. Pragya says, a very good news, I like Ranbir so much that he is a gem of a person. We need to call Kohli to finalize their marriage, ”says Sarita. Pragya agrees, too.

Furthermore, when Sarita calls Kohli, he finds out that Ranbir has told him about his love for Prachi and he is coming here to stop. Later, it’s all Parachi’s fantasy because she thinks in real life she won’t tell anyone about her proposal or she’ll marry me.

Here Ranbir comes to Abi and wants him to help her situation. Abhi asks if this problem is related to your love life. Ranbir said, You are right. Then he asks about the whole story. He tells her that he proposed to a girl he likes today, but she gets angry with me. And now I don’t understand why she’s behaving like I think she likes me too. While Abhi thinks Ranbir is talking about Rhea and that’s why he went on a so-called holiday. Further Abe tells her that girls are very sensitive to their love life so we need to be careful with them. But later when she realizes how she responds, she will come back to you, so you don’t have to worry. Then Ranbir thanked him, as he eased his anxiety and he left.

Early the next morning, Vikram and Ranbir fight with each other on a stupid topic, while Chaubey arrives with his family and asks Ranbir to accompany him to the city mole as Ranbir then goes for a wedding dress. Need to buy And Chaubey departed from there. Ranbir later called Prachi but she could not reach him

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