Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Ranbir assures Prachi that he will not force her to love him

Beginning of the episode, Shahana asks Prachi to take the phone. Prachi says she doesn’t want to talk to him. Ranbir thinks why she is not taking the call. Prachi rejected the call. Ranbir believes he rejected her call. Shahana says they will call again. Ranbir called again. Prachi closed his phone and locked the door and walked out. Sarita Behen tells Prachi that she did the right to lock him in the room. Shahana says I’m listening to everything. The doorbell rings. Prachi opened the door and found Ranbir standing. He asks why you came here? He says he came to pick it up. Sarita Behen asked Ranbir to sit and said she would bring tea. How much sugar does she ask? Ranbir says 4 tablespoons. Shahana asks which Ranbir came, our Ranbir or Ranbir Kapoor. Prachi says our Ranbir. Ranbir looked at him and remembered his moments and conversations. Smile at you Tujhse milta rahun main … Prachi says Ranbir Kohli. Shahana asks him to tell her Ranbir. Prachi said, yes, my Ranbir and she says it is a headache. He opens the door. Sarita came out and hugged Ranbir. She says that before you came she was going to torture her. Sarita asks Behen to talk to her and asks Shahana to come with her. Prachi says she doesn’t want to talk to him and tells him to go. Ranbir returned. She draws his hand. Ranbir told him not to test his strength. He leaves it and he falls. She asks Sarita Behen why Prachi is bitter. Sarita Behen talks to Shahana and explains that when there is no argument then there is no love.

Maya comes to her mother and asks how she looks? Mrs Chaubey says you’re fine. Maya insists on going to the mall. Mrs Chaubey asks if she wants to meet someone and says it’s hard to find first love and you’re lucky. Maya says yes, I am.

Ranbir closed the door. Prachi says you’ll say you don’t remember anything. Ranbir asked, are you worried that I recommend you? Yes No. Prachi says you remember. Ranbir said why are you worried? That I suggested to you or I remember it. Prachi says there are many reasons and he says I know you, that’s why. He puts a finger on his lips. Parachi asked her to say something. Ranbir tells her to relax and tells him he loves her. Prachi saw it. Meet you in the main drama… .. Ranbir says yes, I love you Prachi. Prachi says anything, but don’t say it. Ranbir says what else will I say and says that you are so good that I love you. He says you are so beautiful that I cannot close your eyes, what is my fault. He says it happened, and being in love with him is the most wonderful thing in his life. He says that at first he thought he was good, now he is more in love. He says I had football in my life, now you are in my life. He says I just want to look at you. Prachi saw it. The song plays again. In Your Lost… ..Prachi’s turn.

Ranbir did not tell her to be scared and just because I love you, does not mean that you will love me. He says I’m not forcing you, not changing yourself, getting angry at me, telling him not to stop loving him. He says when I am with you I feel special. I just want to be with you all my life and solve your problems. He says if you love someone else I will be happy for you too. If you love someone else, I will always be with you. They say they are serious. He says that he is not a fool and does not want to leave him. He says I’m not fit for you, you need someone special. What Prachi says is a relief. I thought you would force me to say that I love you. I would go far away from you
It is not necessary to remember Ranbir Aryan with each other, and it is necessary to go to the Comfort area. If she doesn’t answer, then there aren’t too many things in it. Aryan asked if you do not love. Ranbir says if you do not have a problem then it is planned. She is my first love and not in a hurry. He’s not just about being such a nice guy infant. He wasn’t trying to, but just hoping he was upset about the matter. Fb is over. Do you think At Ranbir I know you will help me, Maya and her parents can go shopping for me. She’s gonna make me a bride. Prachi says there are no plans for this bar. Ranbir said he also has projects and Maltese as well. He arrives at the mall. Ranbir lives away from more than one trust and loves you. No answer to slip, you have to repeat. That is not true, but it is the family of Maya.

Maya and Mrs. Chaubey come there. Ranbir did not salute. Maya referred to Mrs. Chaubey as her mother. Ranbir was the play. He had come alone and there was a slip accident. When we walk together, then buy two more. He held Prachi’s hand. Mr. Chaubey is there. Ranbir is Uncle Ji greeted each other. Maya says Papa. Ranbir is Papa ji you are. Mr. Chaubey asks Ranbir about his favorite colors. Ranbir asked Prachi. The slip is not black. My favorite color of Ranbir these days is also black. Let Mr. and Mrs. Chaubey look upset.

PRECAP: Maya Ranbir and Prachi Kot must be at odds with each other. Do you love Ranbir? Prachi doesn’t say.

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