Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Maya asks Prachi about Ranbir’s love for her

Earlier in the episode, Ranbir asked Prachi what his favorite color was. Prachi said black. Ranbir says then my favorite color is also black. Mr. Chaubey asks the sales girl to show everything in black. Sales Girl sure does talk and takes it. Mrs Chaubey says what happened to Ranbir. Mr Chaubey says he will recover sometime, it seems he is still drunk. Mrs Chaubey says you do not understand. Mr Chaubey says I understand, but am not responding. Sarita Behen tells Shahana that Ranbir and Prachi’s romance has begun. Shahana says that you are old and ask her to agree that they are about to be loved. Sarita Behen says I’m old and experienced, I can count the wings of flying birds and ask her to ask Prachi if she doesn’t believe it. Shahana is fine and says why Prachi will tell us, she got angry. Sarita Behen says she gets angry because she wants to hide her love. Shahana says I will bring something. She brings the coin and tells Sarita Behen that they will toss the coin. Sarita Behan says okay. Shahana threw the coin and went out. Where does she go How do you know if love has started between them?

Sales Girl shows Ranbir a suit and says you’ll look hot in it. Ranbir asked Prachi if he would look hot. Maya said no. Prachi says you’ll look hot. Ranbir teased the sales girl’s name and asked her to show something nice so that she looked hot. The light goes on. Maya says I’ll be back. Prachi took Ranbir along. Ranbir asked him for a good performance and said he would think there was a good chemistry between us. He said he would think there could be no one among us. Prachi asked what were you doing with Sales Girl? You were tampering with it. Ranbir asked, did I flirt? Prachi says you are not, Chaubey uncle. Maya comes to Salesgirl and scolds Ranbir for flirting with him. Sales Girl says she was performing her duty.

Prachi scolds Ranbir for taunting the girl and praising her eyes and her vision. Ranbir says that you are jealous that this is clear and asks him to burn Maya. Prachi asked not to be disturbed. Ranbir asked him to express his interest and not be impressed by his interest in anyone. Prachi says what you were doing at home was a lie and he was tampering with it. Maya tells Sales Girl that her job is to show off the clothes and not to tell the customer warm. Ranbir points out that he was talking to the sales girl casually and not tampering with it. He says that just because the salesman was a girl, you’re thinking.

The sales girl says that she was having good things with him, so that he could make a good purchase. She says she will no longer tamper with Ranbir. Maya told him to say no. Ranbir sees Maya coming and pulls Prachi towards him. He asks her to act. It’s a mirror, you are… .plus… ..they disappear into each other’s eyes. The sales girl looked at them together and said, “Lost in the eyes of anyone, it is romantic and starts anywhere.” Maya looks at them. Prachi asks Ranbir if Maya is coming. Ranbir said yes and asked to stand in the same position. Mrs Chaubey comes in, but doesn’t see them. Maya comes to Mrs. Chaubey and asks her to accompany her. Ranbir and Prachi Search Maya. Maya told Mrs. Chaubey that she did not want to marry Ranbir and asked her to cancel the marriage. Mrs Chaubey says you were excited to meet Ranbir. Maya says she doesn’t want to get married. Mrs. Chaubey’s phone came and went.

Ranbir and Prachi hug each other cheerfully. He explains that he will tell his family about this good news. Mrs Chaubey comes to Mr Chaubey and asks him to listen to her. He sends his guards for window shopping and asks his wife what happened? Mrs Chaubey says her daughter’s government is falling. He asked what? Ranbir tells Prachi that Dida talked to him. She falls and he grabs her. You Lost To Me play with me … they disappear into each other’s eyes. Maya saw them together and said since when is this going on? Ranbir and Prachi were surprised. Maya says what do you think I will not know and tell Ranbir that she knows she loves him. She asks Prachi to tell about herself. Prachi thinks about it. Maya told them not to stand together and said that she was upset to see them together. She asks Prachi, do you love Ranbir? Prachi watched.

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