Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Ranbir and Prachi confess their love before Maya

The episode begins with Ranbir holding Prachi. Maya comes to them and asks when is this happening? She asks Prachi, do you love Ranbir? Prachi recalled his confession and said no. Ranbir asks why are you lying? He says we are now caught and will confess. He tells her to tell the truth. Prachi said yes, and said they love each other. Maya is surprised. The sales girl comes and says that I got to know her when she asked her about her favorite color. She says that red will suit you as it is the color of love. She says I can tell who looks good to you. He says she (Prachi) looks good on him. Maya tells him to go. The sales girl says the manager fired her and she is leaving. Maya seeks answers from Ranbir and Prachi. The sales girl believes that Maya threatened her and she returned to him. Ranbir tells Maya to look bad. The sales girl and Maya grab each other’s hair and fight each other. Ranbir laughed. Prachi asked her to stop their fight. Mrs Chaubey and Mr Chaubey are there. Mrs Chaubey tells Sales Girl to drop her daughter’s hand. Mr Chaubey threatened to call the police and asked for his name. The sales girl runs from there.
Mrs Chaubey asks Ranbir and Maya to accompany her.

Pragya looks at Abhi’s image and reminisces about her moments. Man still wants to play you… ..He calls and says she is getting there. She leaves the picture of Abhi in the closet and leaves.

Seeds and pods come into the mall. Pallavi says Ranbir was happy and said he would preach the gospel, and I told him to stay here and we would come there. Beji says I will only shop here. Pelvi says this is Ranbir’s second birthday and his new start. Beji asks Ranbir to call him. “We will surprise them,” Pallavi said.

Mr Chaubey says he tears up the blood of a sales girl and his family, and says he will inquire about them. Mrs Chaubey told her to leave the sales girl. Mr Chaubey says the sales girl will be punished and she goes. Mrs. Chaubey tells Maya that she will go to her father, and you know what she did to your father. she goes. Maya turned to Ranbir and Prachi. She asks if I haven’t received my answer yet. She says if what I saw was okay, do you love each other? Ranbir says Prachi and I have been in love with each other for many days. He says nobody but you knew about it. He says that even our family does not know, he says that the best thing is to tell your family. He says that if he gets married, I can’t keep you happy and I can’t be happy myself. He says try to understand me, I can’t live without slip, I love it. Pallavi and Beezy heard it. Pallavi tried to leave, but Beji stopped him. Ranbir tells Maya to think about them and says that they cannot live without each other. Maya says I have a lot of trouble and I want to talk to you alone. Ranbir said okay and told Prachi that he would be back.

Sarita Behen and Shahana Ludo play. Sarita Behen asked Shahana to take the phone. Shahana asked to pick up the phone. “I am a senior citizen,” says Sarita Behen. Shahana says we will keep the maid in the house. Sarita Behen asks what we will do at home. Beeji called Sarita Behen’s house. Shahana picked up the phone. Beeji asked her if there was a sensible person in the house. Shahana says he is a very intelligent person. Sarita asks her to call and says that you do not understand. Beeji says that I was asking about Sarita Behen and says the elders understand. Shahana said okay. Sarita Behen took the call and asked how are you. Beeji says that I am in seventh heaven and wants you to fly with wings. Sarita Behen says you called us to tell the good news. “We came to a mall where Ranbir and Prachi have come,” says Beeji. She says that we found out that Ranbir and Prachi love each other. Sarita Behen says that you got to know too.

Abhi looks at Pragya’s picture and thinks about it. It reminds them of their moments. Man still plays you… ..

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