Kumkum Bhagya 10th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Pallavi invited Mr Chaubey’s family to the Holi party

The episode begins with Aaliya calling Abhi’s office and asking about it. The employee states that Abhi’s US Investor is ill and that is why he is taking care of everything. Aaliya asks when her brother will come back. The employee states that he will be back tomorrow and said he will celebrate Holi with everyone. Aaliya wants to tell Abhi what her engagement is to Rhea, and how she feels for Ranbir, so she shut herself up inside the room. She comes into my room and asks if you can do anything without asking me. Mine says yes. Aaliya asks him to tie Rhea’s clothes in the bag. I have a good bid. Aaliya says the brothers are coming tomorrow. I’m happy Aaliya thinks that in this case Rhea will not face the brother and tells her that he has to handle it. Aryan is driving and Kohli’s family is upset. Aryan says will I have a stroke? Everyone kills it. Prachi came home and hugged Pragya. Pragya asks what is demanded? Prachi said yes. Sarita behen asks her to explain everything. Prachi is sad and tells Dimple that he went for his job. Sarita behen tells Pragya everything.

Prachi says that I should not go there, you said that the face will not be familiar, but what I will do is, can not engage with Ranbir Maya. She says that I am an idiot and blame myself for her engagement. Pragya asked if Mr Chobe was upset? Sarita’s sister says that she has forgiven her and invited us to celebrate Holi and asked Pragya to accompany her. Pragya refused. Sarita behen asked them to accompany her and said that this was the last chance to stop the marriage. Pragya says she won’t come. “If you are with us, we will have a good idea,” says Sarita behen. Pragya went in. Prachi and Shahana tell Sarita behen that Pragya doesn’t celebrate Holi. Sarita behen asked why? Pragya is depressed in the room.

Kohlis returned to his home. Beeji says it’s done. I’m sorry to say. Aaliya says nothing will happen. I say no marriage, it does not matter. Beeji says he has repeatedly threatened us, we cannot go to the police. Abhi Vikram says. Vikram asks why you called me, you would have made 2-4 crores more and said that when you return home, 2-3 children of Ranbir will be walking in the house of Chinto, Minto, monty. Abhi says these are Chinto, Minto and Rinku. Vikram called on the loudspeaker and told me he was teasing me. Ranbir reveals that he is engaged in manganese and suggests that his children’s names will be Grand Break Kohli or Dolly Kohli. Pallavi asked if she was in shock and said that if the girl came to this house, I would leave. Ranbir says the father has chosen the child’s names. Abhi tells them to rest and tells Ranbir that he will not marry Maya and he will marry her and he can name her children as he wishes. He says that he spoke to Aaliya. Aaliya says I am only here. Abhi says the investor had a heart attack and he cared about it. Vikram says sorry. Abhi tells them to call Chaubey to celebrate Holi at his house. Beeji says Chaubey invited us. Abhi says please accept them in some way. Ranbir asks will you play Holi with us? Abhi says I don’t play Holi, I’ll come and talk to Chubi tomorrow. Aaliya says brothers do not celebrate Holi. I wonder why, wondering if the reason has come to fruition.

Pragya thinks she can play Holi with him right now. Abhi hinks so too and thinks Holly’s celebration was with her. Whether or not you pay… she thinks she has the first right to put a holi on her face. Abhi thinks the same and says he will not paint anyone and will not allow anyone to paint on him. They remember their moments. Pragya wonders if she celebrated Holi without it. Abhi hinks she’ll just play Holly with him. Pragya wonders if the day will come when they will play Holi together.
Aaliya asked Vikram to call Chaubey and invite her to Holi. Vikram says I will not call, he will be satisfied if Ranbir calls him. Ranbir says I’m sorry, but I won’t call him. They say that every time I talk to Maya or her family I make a mistake. He says I’ll get married if I call again. Pallavi says she will talk to them. I say I will talk. Vikram says that you are very dear and if you talk, Chaubey will give his children a marriage in this house. He asks Aaliyah to protect Ariana. Pallavi calls Chaubey and calls him Sidhi. She says she has a request and invited her to a Holi party at her house. Chaubey says there will be a Holi party in our house. Pallavi says your custom, but our guests will come to our house here and I was thinking if we are here we can make a small announcement about the engagement of Ranbir to the guests. Chaubey is pleased to be there. Please and be happy. Ranbir called Prachi and asked him to come to his house for Holi party, Holi party would be his house. Sarita Behen asked Prachi to persuade Pragya to come to the Holi party, saying that Ranbir’s problem was hers and her anxiety was resolved. Prachi says she won’t come.

Precap: Prachi urges Pragya to join him at the Holi party. Later she applies a Holi color to Ranbir and dances.

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