Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Ranbir forcibly became attached to Maya

The episode begins with everyone from Prachi to seeing that they are married and telling them that they have taken a garland from a shop and exchanged it. Vikram says we do not accept this marriage. Ranbir says I accept the marriage and sign it saying that this girl is right in my favor. Pallavi asks if he has something in his eye? She hugs Ranbir and asks if she is your friend. Ranbir whispered that she was a slip and came to help me. Prachi shows her face to the puppy. Pallavi announced that she would accept the marriage. Vikram asks how she was so quick. Pallavi says she has been blessed with mata Rani. She tells Ranbir to take her home. He is about to leave, but Mr Chaubey stops him and tells him that he has not accepted the marriage and Ranbir will only marry Maya, that is final. Some NGO women come and tell him that Ranbir is married and asks him not to take away his wife’s rights. They ask who are you women say that they are NGO workers and ask Mrs. Chaubey why she is forcing Ranbir. Maya says the girl is not his wife. Prachi asked him to agree with Ranbir’s words. Maya says you can’t do that to me. Prachi says that she considers her to be Goddess Parmeshwar and is fasting and explains that she thinks that she should fast all day to remove Maya. Ranbir is impressed by this. Pallavi asked beeji and Vikram to help her and told her that the girl was a slut.

Mrs. Chaubey tries to see the face of Parchi. beeji says she is the new bride and says that she has not even been to her decade. Vikram says she can’t lift her veil. They tell him they will fly and are about to go home, but Chou stopped them. NGO women say bad things will happen to Maya if you stop them. Prachi says she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Maya, and she points out that if she takes her husband away from her, she doesn’t want to curse them. She tells them not to take her right away from him. Pallavi tells her not to curse anyone. Mrs. Chaubey took Maya inside. His mother tells Maya to stop the marriage. Maya asks Do you forget what happened to Boa? Mrs Chaubey tells Maya to stop the marriage and tells her if you get cursed by the girl. Maya asked, are you illiterate? Mrs Chaubey says they are in the twelfth pass. She says if you get cursed. Shahana heard them. Mrs Chaubey says she will please her husband. Mr Chaubey arrives and explains that the wedding will be like this because it is a matter of his dignity.

Aryan said the Chaubey family is shocked by the curse. They thank the women of the NGO. Shahana comes in and tells that Chaubey is not ready to stop the marriage. Security guards come in and ask him to come as Mr Chaubey is calling them. They are all gathered in the engagement hall. Mr Chaubey says he will not let the girl’s life ruin her and get her married to someone else. He asks his nephew to marry the bridegroom. His nephew is pleased. Ranbir asked if it was a joke and told that he was his wife and would not marry. They say they will not marry Maya and ask what is this drama? Maya asks if my papa is trying to find a solution. She says she’ll see his face. She lifts the veil off Prachi and is surprised to see her face. Mrs. Chaubey realized this.

Pragya comes home and calls Prachi. Mrs Chaubey says she is Maya’s friend and asks why she is doing so. Mr Chaubey tells NGO women that the girl is not his wife. Prachi has stated that he will not force Ranbir to marry his daughter and states that Ranbir did not propose Maya that day. Mr Chaubey told him to leave and told him he was forgiving her. Pallavi calls Aaliya and asks Abhi to help them. Mr Chaubey asks who has any objections to this marriage and tells them that they will forcibly make the couple. The guards forcibly take Ranbir to the stage and Mr. Chaubey forcibly connects Ranbir to Maya. Ranbir’s family and Prachi got upset. Mr Chaubey hugged Vikram and congratulated him. He invites them to a Holi party and asks them to come, otherwise he will call them forcefully. They all get stressed.

PRECAP: Prachi blames Ranbir for his engagement. Abhi tells Vikram to convince Chaubey to come to his house. Sarita Behen asked Prachi to allow Pragya to come with her.

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