Kundali Bhagya 12th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Karan and Preeta kiss each other

Sherlin and Maira are surprised at what they did and they made a mistake by trusting Shrishti’s words. Stripped of saying they shouldn’t do it while they’re closed. In the storeroom, Maira starts moving things in there, but Sherlin says she couldn’t help them, they were cheated and they were given a game. She explains that the Aurora sisters played their game on her and she is sure that Karan and Preeta are together in the room.
Karan asks Preeta if she is ready and ask that when they are close to each other she will not do anything because it can be between the two because they are both husband and wife, he pulls her closer. They both come close to each other, but he pushes her back saying that he can’t kiss because her nose is long after that. Takes her and says she can check, he says again that her nose is longer than this. Karan laughs, when she asks if she says she looks really beautiful and she looks beautiful too,
She asks him to marry her, she says she will never marry him and he has never thought about it, she asks if she does not like her according to which she says She is good but she will not marry him, he pleads with her to tell her otherwise she will cry, she says she will tell him but he should not cry, she tells her Won’t marry him because she didn’t even appreciate him, she comes to him after she’s really beautiful, she asks him to say something she doesn’t already know, They say They are the last sixes in the match that is desperately needed and everything depends on it. They also say that he is his love and then asks if he can embrace it. , They both hug each other, which calms them both and they look at her with joy, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness.
Sherlin wonders why there is no signal in the room, Maira arrives and says she has to find another way because she is tired of knocking on the door, Sherlin is still trying to get a network on her phone, She asked why Maira was unable to make sense. As they were being played, then they both got into a dispute, Maira asks her what she would do and suggests that they ask anyone to come and open the door, Sherlin tells them that When they call you, they will surely ask them who did it? And they won’t even believe them when they say that Preeta and Shrishti are after him. Sherlin thinks who she will call, she decides to call Perthieu but she is not contacting, so she sends a voice note, immediately. Only inquires about the person to whom they send a voice note.
Prithvi is dizzy, she’s wondering if he might be intoxicated, then he thinks it was because of the alcohol he had taken from the waiter,
Maira asked who she called, Sherlin explained that she knew she would be there to help them and she was waiting for the message to arrive, then finally it arrived, she was at the door of the storeroom. Comes and he tells Sherlin to open it. The door, she says that she should open it outside, when she opens it, Sherlin leaves with Maira, so she locked Preeta in the room with the fear that she would get drunk and expose them. Will Preeta refuses to let Karan kiss him, mentioning that she is a famous cricketer and can kiss anyone, annoying her by saying that because they are special they do not kiss her. Will give He says she’s in love with him, then she removes himself from him again, she asks why then he said he can kiss someone, he explains that he now understands She is jealous, Preeta refuses to say that she does not get jealous, she says that she is sitting with him so she should not tease him or else she will go away, she is stubborn to tease her. She tries to leave, but she stops him by saying that she’ll only let him stay once she says the three magic words that a lover says while looking at each other. They realize what he is talking about but he refuses, then she finally comes in and says that when she closes her eyes she will say the same thing, he says The reason is that she’s in a panic, but she insists that she’ll just say that when she closes her eyes, she comes up with a pillow, and says that she’s the one who should act. Angry, they both come face to face with each other. Second, she draws him closer, saying that when she sees H, she thinks about those words. In that, he asks her again, which she says is the reason that he will never see her. Does not speak well, he gets angry and for that reason he starts screaming which irritates the ray.
At Sarla’s house she asks why she didn’t bring the color because Holi, Janki comes and Sarla asks why she did the bath, janki tells her that she was tired, then Sarla says that she Wanted to apply color and wondered why her daughters were sleeping, she believes that she would never allow them to be like the two G’s who don’t like the color, she goes to wake them up but Surprisingly seeing that they are not there, janki mentions that she feels that they are both in the Lutra house, Sarla says that she tried to explain that Luthra was a bit off the house. I do not even remember their family and they can do damage, but they are not as they have grown.
Sherlin and Maira are running into the hallway when they hear, Karan and Preeta are together, they are both surprised to see that Preeta is begging Karan to leave who is kissing her.

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