Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Preeta has been accused of trying to kill Mahesh

Preeta runs to Mahesh, she tries to awaken him immediately and calls the entire Lathra family, Rishab with Summer rushes to help her, they try to awaken her but she doesn’t answer. Granted, the whole family gets really upset and they start to help. Crying, Preeta can’t believe her eyes, Maya comes from behind, Rishab asks how she fell on which Maya screams that Preeta pushed Mahesh up the stairs, the whole family is shocked and she All staring at him.

Sherlin thinks that it is her good fortune that at this moment Preeta returns home because she was able to accuse him of all, Karan also comes and is surprised to find that Mahesh is lying on the floor, Running comes in and is told that Preeta was about to throw Mahesh to the ground, the family immediately rushed Mahesh to the hospital, Shrishti asks Preeta what has happened and how matters are so serious, Preeta asks her to return home. Said and she will take care Luthra family.

Luthra family arrives at the hospital, Rishab and Karan go to the counter asking for a Neuro Surgeon, they are told that there is no one available, both Karan and Rishab are angry with them then Preeta arrives with a surgeon and she immediately Mahesh. Taken to the operation theater.

The sisters are trying to explain the prayer to their grandmother by telling them that she was the one who told them that their son is really strong because they should all pray and the Shrishti also come, Preeta asked why he did What? To which she says she won’t say anything but will stick with it.

The doctor comes and when asked what Mahesh is like, he says that his condition is really worsening and he has gone into a coma again so they should pray for his health, Preeta. Surprised, she walked into her room.

Preeta asks Mahesh to wake up when she prays for her health for many months so she must wake up because the whole family is yearning for her love and they need her, she will have to get up. , Then thinks that when he came to her, he fell from his wheelchair, then thinks that it was the man who pushed her and so he would not let anyone Sherlin arrives and is surprised to find that Preeta is with Mahesh.

Sherlin finds Maira saying that she saw Preeta with Mahesh and she was trying to awaken him, they both intend to use the situation in their own right, and Preeta accuses everyone. Stay Sherlin thinks she’s really smart.

Both doing and trying to convince the doctor to attend his father’s service because he is the one who is taking over his father’s case so he has to come, because the ray is incapable of coming. He also screams. Will consult a doctor in India and then tell them what happens.

Maira and Sherlin come to say that they both know that Preeta was behind the accident that happened to Mahesh, they both accuse her and Maira also says that she has heard that if the family If a person dies, then he cannot be married. She is thinking of what she is talking about and may even think about harming her sister Mahesh, both of whom say that the reason is that she does not want to marry Maira. They ask where she is, when they can’t find her, Maira gestures to the room where Mahesh has been exchanged, the whole family leaves for the room, which is really annoying to both of them.


Karina enters the room, she immediately asks what Preeta was doing in the room, then accuses that she came to kill Mahesh because she had not been able to get him before when he got her up the stairs. Dadi and Ramona were also thrown, they all started to accuse him, Karina stares at him, he is stopped by Karan, she is angry, she thinks he too looks like the accused. Is.
Preeta tries to explain that they are all at fault and he did not push Mahesh, Ramona says that he is standing there, Shrishti jumps as he says that he saw Preeta standing there. Ramona tries to accuse him immediately by saying that he may have seen Mahesh pushing her.

Preeta tries to plead with Karan for her innocence, saying that when she trusted Preeta and gave him a place in her heart and family, she made a mistake but she did not Will not do more than that, then tells her to leave her family, saying that she tried to make a difference between herself and Maira but the hoe thinks she can push Mahesh up the stairs. ۔
Karan is unable to decide, then thinks that the last time Mahesh went into a coma, how did she ask him not to leave her and trust her but he refused to accept anything. And only did what he thought was right. Staring at him, wondering what he was thinking, Karan is disappointed in the way Karan is dealing with Preeta.

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