Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Karina humiliates Preeta at the hospital

Preeta admits that if she was asked, she would point out that she tried to make a difference between herself and Maira but she would never think about harming Mahesh, she took this opportunity. That he has admitted that he has tried to create differences.
Karan tells him to leave, Karina orders to go with Maira too, Daddy asks why she hates her son, Rishab tries to calm them but she doesn’t listen, Daddy tells her Even when he did not try for Karina, he did not listen. Beware her and if he had stopped her then her son would not be in this state, Karina holding her hand, saying that it was not her fault but Karina because he allowed them both to come, then he He orders her to leave and she promises never to come near her family. Seriousness is really stopping him from saying anything, saying that he only thought for the better of the family but he is unable to understand right and wrong, then it is not his fault, Sherlin also mentions What more do they need in his favor.
Preeta tries to explain that she didn’t do anything, Karan goes out of the room without listening to her, she tries to plead with Rocky but he even tells her to leave and whenever. If they do not come close to them then all they have to do is suffer and that is why they should leave them and never return, Preeta goes away as well as Rishabh breaks her heart so her Stepped back
Shrishti tells Preeta that she will tell Rakhi the whole truth about Maya and Sherlin, Preeta is not listening to her and moving about, Shrishti is asking God why he punishes people Always thinking of doing good to others, Preeta is thinking that when Mayra accuses Mahesh of pushing her, then Shrishti comes to embrace her and then takes her to auto.
Prithvi awakens, he is dizzy then wonder how he got to the storeroom of Luther’s house, he tries to get out but the door is locked then he thinks who can close it there, Raised thinks that it must be Karan who stops him when he is unconscious, he promises that when he comes back he will pay the ray, to the extent that he will always be remembered. There is a knock, he thinks that the ray falls on him and hides it, but when the door opens, Sherlin is about to kill him, he thinks he locked her in the room, then she asks him How did she come but she insists that she should leave, otherwise she will be seen, she left but only after assurance that she will make everyone aware of everything, she thinks He must go and listen to what he has to say about Lutra.
BG is with Sarla, she pleads with her not to be angry with her daughters as they come she will be heartbroken and therefore they should not scold, then they both arrive, BG embraces them. Applause, Sarla asks them to change her clothes, Preeta saying that all things went wrong because they accused her of pushing Mahesh, she cannot believe that they still think they have Mahesh. Pushed but she can’t do it because she thinks she is like her father, Shrishti mentions that she was ordered to leave. And the whole Luther family believed in Sherlin, because one party was heard and the other party was told to leave, and because there was always one who was the other.
Rishab and Karan come down, they both tell that they were told to leave, as the nurse said that Mahesh needed rest, so he came down, really the whole family is upset, Rishab asks what happened, Karina. Says he has taken the decision. , Then gets up saying that she wants no one from her family to meet the Aurora family because she married Preeta because of revenge but she wants him to have a relationship with them. Don’t forget, Karan says, Daddy also agrees with Karina and asks her family to forget that they ever know Aurora
Shrishti and Preeta are stating that they have not even been heard, even though Karan has not heard anything that he has said, Sarla says that Luthra was not wrong but it was both of them who knew that there was. There are some Lutra family members who are evil which is why she tried to prevent them from going to Luthra’s house but she did not listen to her, she would say once again that even if she was near the Lathra mansion. When you go, you will see his body, everyone is shocked to hear of his threat.

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