Kundali Bhagya 18th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Luthra’s plans to marry Karan and Maira soon and soon

Dadi claimed that he should forget the Aurora family, he should also forget that he also loved the family because whenever he came the only thing that caused him grief so now he If they turn away, they will be happy and happy.
Dadi goes to Rakhi, saying that she is his daughter-in-law but she always thinks of him as his daughter, she is very good and that is why she likes everyone but now she should leave and forget anything. Think about what she did to her son and the husband of Rakhi, for the sake of their well being, which is why he should forget her now, Ramona also says that she is happy to know. Dadi realized how bad Preeta was from the inside because when she found out about the legal notice she knew, Rakhi said she didn’t know who she was. Dude and make a member of his family he will cheat them, they can not do justice to anyone’s face. Dadi explained that she was talking to both her heart and mind, which is why she urged him to think logically.
Kareena also mentions that she knew from the beginning that Preeta was just trying to get her property, Sherlin thinks she has won the game because Risahb can still say no because of her actions. ۔
Shrishti tells Preeta to stop crying, BG also tells her to stop crying and also to vow, Preeta says she does not know that even when they try to do good, they always have to Accused of wrongdoing, they only went to him to help Kiran. Bioji asked why he did this, Preeta says that both Maira and Sherlin planned to drink something that they could use for cannabis. Will meet up and force her to marry soon, she explains the whole situation and how they only went to help Kiran but their mind The province was thwarted and now they have been charged with something they never did.
Janki mentions that she should not go to the house where no one believes in the relationship, which is why she should not go there, she asks when his horoscope was written, whenever he When she tries to protect her, she always blames him, Janki asked. Remember that when Sherlin kidnapped her mother who tried to warn Luthor of her personality, he also Have seen what happened to him but some people are not being helped.
The BG says that they all know their ancestors that those who are falling into the ditch, who is destined for destiny, cannot help anyone, so it should not be raised to life, Janki mentions that when Even if she tries to help Lathura, she accuses him. Sarla is also listening to the conversation and thinks that she will not provoke him or she will go back to their house again.
Sherlin asks Maira why she is not with her family, she happily says that she is happy because Karan now hates Preeta who has really made her happy because now she is married to him without any problem. And she also feels that she can do whatever she wants, Sherlin tells her to calm down and not to trust too much, Maya apologizes to the two of them and then downstairs. Increase. They intend to further infiltrate Lathura against the Auroras/
Dadi explains that Kareena is not saying anything wrong, even when she knows what Kareena is saying is actually true but how can she do so quickly, Ramona asks why Rakhi is not doing it. What Kareena is saying is that while they love everyone, they really have to listen to what they have to say, Grandma tells Sameer to call both Karan and Risahb and they should be present right away. When they reach Kareena, they say she wants to say something to Kareena, she explains. They always have a lot of problems they don’t want to face, and when they have a major problem, they should solve the problem instead of thinking to stop it, Dadi mentioned. That the two of them must listen to her, then Kareena mentions that they all know why Preeta pushed Mahesh, Sherlin mentions that she did this to stop the marriage but the scolding scolded her. Kareena stopped him by asking why whenever he spoke against Preeta, even when he had done so much harm, why did he do such a thing to her.

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