Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Sameer tells Preeta about Karan’s wedding

Karan was surprised to hear this, she explained that Mahesh’s nature is not right, Karina points to the fact that this is the only occasion, he mentions that there was a time when they were all together but now They all think differently but they are not family long term so this is the only way they can make them family together. Karina explained to Rishab that she should not worry about Karan’s twenty-over matches, she could go and play and whatever she wanted, she would want to give her a day in her life, Karina would be emotionally disturbed. Asks if she will do it for him. It
Sherlin points to Maira to go and provoke them, explaining that she’ll be happy with any decision she makes, but she thinks that Karina is okay and if she tells Preeta about their If they want to stop going home then their two marriages are compulsory, Karan agrees that everything, Rishab is angry with her so goes upstairs, Grandma and everyone are really happy so they have each other. Embraced.
When knocking on the window, Shrishti and Preeta are asleep, they both get upset, Shrishti says she thinks it’s ray so she will go check it out, try to open it but it’s jam, she Karan tells her to come through the main door, but it’s smear that she tries to open it again but can’t do it, then they tell her to come through the main door.
When they open the door, Preeta immediately asks if all is well, if Mahesh is okay, he says that they are all right but something will not happen, he is unable to speak anything. Suspense is born, Preeta asks her to spread everything, he tells her that Karan and Maira will get married tomorrow, she can’t bear to hear this and goes back into relationship, spends with Karan. Thinking about all the moments that had gone by while they were together, she started crying. When he promises to hold her hand all his life, she looks at Sameer and then says that there is nothing wrong with her because it is a good sign that they will get married because they can, She retreated then hit the vase and it breaks, causing Sarla to think that it might be a cat, she went to check it out.
Shrishti picks up the vase, Sameer tells her to please Preeta because she does not like Maira too, she thinks that Maira is not even a good man, when she gets married to Karan, she has a lot of trouble. Will produce
Shrishti mentions that they cannot do anything because they accuse them of trying to help them, they mention that they came today to protect Karan but with him Accusing them of what happened, Sameer tries to explain that they must do everything and talking for the safety of the relationship, they are talking when the lights will shine, Sarla says. That she certainly did not come, she asks him if she does not think about his sister, who cared for him when she was not with them, Shrishti tried to explain. He is with Sameer Preeta.
Sarla says that if she is with him then she must go and tell her family that they are all wrong and Preeta is fine, she mentions that he cannot do anything because he has nothing to do. She does not have the courage, she asks constantly, which is why when he comes to her house, she says that he had just come to say that Karan and Mayara will get married, Sarla scolded her saying that their They don’t care if they both get married because they have already abused them so much. Sometimes they will not come and they must leave their home now.
Preeta tries to leave Sameer after seeing her mother’s condition but she asks him to leave again, he pleads that Preeta should be allowed to come to their house only once but Sarla starts screaming that He can’t do anything so he wants Preeta to come to their house. And this will give his family another chance to play with their emotions, Preeta pleads with Sameer to leave and he is gone.
Preeta urges Sarla to be quiet, saying that she does not feel anything and it was not Sameer’s fault that he had just come to warn her but she has no worries and she is really strong, Sarla is very strong. Hugs him thinking how wrong the Luthra family is. Done, she remembers how Karan left Preeta and they came back, Sarla says they should forget everyone she taught her because it only hurt, says Preeta. That they don’t have to worry and they will start a new life. The next morning, forgetting the events that led up to the Luthra family, they started crying again, Shrishti told them to stop because it was enough.

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