Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Maira comes to Aurora

Rishab goes to Mahesh, he kisses her forehead and then sits down to him, asking that he feel angry when he leaves the nurse. Should get up and talk to her and at least have a hand on her forehead, Rishab mentions that Karan has agreed to marry her but she won’t say anything because she is not in a lecture. Wants to go, he just likes Preeta Karan as he is the only one who can get her back on the right path and he is fine with her, only Preeta can fix her. The ray comes, Rishab sees it and immediately changes the subject, Karan asks Rishab what he is doing in which he mentions that he is complaining to his father.
Karan mentions that he has once again hurt Mahesh, the whole family believes and knows that it is the same charge, he has cheated them once again, Rishab sees it in his heart. And thinks that Preeta is capable of doing such things. Of course, Karan mentions that he knows he is a fool. Rishab says he can’t believe she’s capable of doing so because she was the only one to call him at the scene of the accident, Rishab tries to convince her that he is innocent. Mentioning that he only knows one thing that Mahesh has gone into commas and leaves once again, Rishab mentioned that he has listened to the ray, he now feels that something is really wrong.
Preeta is sitting in her bed wondering why she was accused of harming Mahesh once again, when she found out what she thought about Luthra, Karan also entered her room, He remembers the moment when he spent the last moment with Preeta. The same day after seeing the scattered room that is all over the room. She thinks how he kissed her on the cheek, he falls down on her knees thinking how he hit her with a pillow, he starts crying,
Preeta also remembers sitting on her bed when she woke up to Karan, it felt really good, Karan thinks that she threw Preeta out of the house, Shrishti hugging Preeta, they both started crying.
Karan is unable to control her emotions, and then resurfaces the pillow that they shared in the morning. Preeta cannot control herself.
In the morning, Sherlin instructs the worker to light the upstairs, Ramona asks guests to arrive at the Luthor mansion as soon as possible, Ramona asks Sherman why she is not ready, Sherlin mentions that she was first She is ready but now she is asking why she did not prepare the bag for Maya, she also asks to go with him because she is really excited to see her daughter’s dreams come true. When the phone arrives, Sherlin thinks she knows her daughter, who is really smart, a person she’s really happy with. Asked what she was thinking, she explained that she was really happy to know that Mother would soon be part of her family.
Ramona and Sherlin enter Maira’s room but they are not in her room, then they also check out Kartika and Daddy’s room but they are not there, and she is surprised when she comes with the jewelry. Do not see, they both explain that I am not home, Rakhi tells that she may have gone to the temple as soon as he had told her that she would go there at night, Ramona thought she might be in trouble. After leaving the room, Rakhi thinks he can easily become stressed. General Chat Chat Lounge
Shrishti asks Preeta to wash the tea, she tells that she is eating dust but seeing her sister says that she will drink tea with him first, there is someone at the door, when he opens it she My mother, it’s amazing. She tries to throw him out of the house but Maira is forcefully entangled, then she explains that she wants to talk to Preeta, Shrishti is not sure but Preeta gives her a chance to talk. He said he had something important to say.
Kareena and Daddy are taking care of the guests when Ramona comes in asking that when the policeman has seen Mayara, they both explain that she will be in the room in which she is not at home, Kartika hears the conversation. , She thinks that if mothera might have left the house, she asks if mothera left a note, she explains that whenever someone goes out of their house without telling anyone Leaving notes, that’s why he said, Daddy and Karina both scolded him saying he shouldn’t have said anything like that, Rakhi calm them both down. Ramona asks Kartika what she means, Sherlin mentions that she doesn’t have to worry because Mayra wants to marry Karan but will never do anything, she points to this fact. Suggests that Maya might have been kidnapped, Ramona thinks she might have been kidnapped by Preeta, Rakhi tries to say that she can’t do it, Ramona is determined to try to harm Maya. Because he did the same with Mahesh, he was surprised. Her daughter is safe, everyone is upset to hear her scream.

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