Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Maira made a false story about Preeta

Maira tells Preeta that she pushed Mahesh’s wheelchair. Little did she know that she had come as an angel of Mahesh’s death. Preeta tried to slap Maira but Maira threatened to kill her. Come on as the savior of Priesthood. Shrishti was very angry. Maira laughs at this as a joke, because now Preeta’s face is insulted. Today, Preeta is sitting in her own house. She wants to know Preeta’s plan to reveal it. Maira says she has convinced everyone that Preeta did everything with Mahesh. They all trust in it too. She was always considered to be an intelligent person, and never told her anything, but here she is. He has threatened that whoever tries to come between him and the ray will end it. Mahesh Day was recovering, and it was dangerous for both him and Sherlin, they had to plan it all. Shrishti now also vows to bring his reality to the fore. Maira says it doesn’t matter what they say or do, the Luthra family considers them both to be the biggest enemies. They have a hard luck. Preeta told her to be quiet, this kind of cheating is not good luck. Maira tells them that she is married to Karan tonight. If she does not arrive home in a short time, Luthra will think that Preeta has kidnapped her and the police will send her to search for her esteemed house. Shrishti is calling out to Maira again. Maira slaps him and tells him to come to mind. She says that she told them about the Luthra family. He doesn’t care what they do anymore. She says it’s a big wedding today, she can’t invite them but she will definitely share videos and photos. She’s gone. Shrishti threw a shoe behind Maira.

In the hall, Kritika tells Kareena that Maira is nowhere to be seen. Karina was worried if something went wrong with her. On return, Preeta has once again brought bad luck to his family. Preeta is very careful that she can always plan things against her family, as she did on Holi. Then he pushed Mahesh into an accident and now Maira. She wonders what Preeta wants. She understands that Preeta does not want Karan to marry anyone. She considers herself the wife of Karan, and wants to take part in the property. She is surprised how Preeta found out about the wedding date. Someone in this family is acting as a spy for Preeta. Sherlin enjoys Rishab’s helplessness, and she may worry that Kareena has always been in her favor. Kareena did what she had always wanted to do. She didn’t want Preeta to come to the house, so Kareena stopped her. Kareena always dances on the toes. He has poisoned the Phantom in his heart. She now comes to Kareena and says it’s true, Preeta doesn’t want her to get married. Preeta has done everything wisely. It looks like Maira’s life is in danger.
Turned to see Maira from the ray door. Everyone is leaning towards it. Sherlin asks Maira where she was? They know that Preeta tried to hurt her. Maira was silent. Karan asks Maira to talk, what happened. Rakhi tells the ray to be silent. Sherlin believes that the rays should not be quiet at all, they will speak a lot now. His anger now burns everything. Maira quietly thinks that everyone misunderstands Preeta, she should take advantage of it right now.

Rishab says don’t be afraid of mothers. Maira replied, she does not want to disturb any of them. Rakhi says Maira is like his daughter. Marrying a marriage seems like a challenge, says Maira. He got a call that a girl called him at a nearby restaurant because Karan wanted to meet him. Karan argues that he must have met Maira at home. Maira qualifies that she hadn’t even thought about it. Near the restaurant, she received another call from Preeta. Preeta threatens to turn her off. She boarded the truck and accompanied the truck driver. He had to run away and avoid this attempt. She arrived here with great difficulty.

Kareena blames Karan and Rishab for always encouraging Preeta. She sends Kartika to call the security head.

Sherlin quietly completed Maira.

Karina shows the security chief pictures of Sherlin and Preeta and warns them not to come home. He had assured that Preeta should not come to this house. She always ruins the affairs of the family ‘, but today Karan has to marry Maira.

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