Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2020 Written Episode Update : Mahesh took a step closer to recovery

Shrishti demands Sameer to let him taste his chocolate ice cream, he pleads for her to gently taste it, he gives it to her but she gets it on her face, Asks her what she did that made her laugh. Then I apologize for his mistakes, he also takes ice cream and rubs it on his nose, he finds it all romantic and then that ice cream eats him which makes Sameer nervous. Erase it all.
Both Janki and Bi are sitting in their room drinking cough syrup, when Sarla comes into the room, she immediately removes it, and Sarla angrily pleads with them that he does not drink her. That they are like children who meet hands out, then Bi has said that then they should not scold them because they are older than that, then Bi says that they should be happy because everything. Well and Kiran helped them all, Sarla explains that it’s all just a mistake and the reason they helped her was to refrain from complaining. Otherwise Sherlin will be in jail, which is why she helped them, Sarla mentions that they can only rely on Risahb but even sometimes they support their family, she explains. They are trusting Karan with Preeta but he betrayed them all and even when he heard Preeta promise to release her from jail, he was unable to do anything so they let her know that he Lying Preeta started crying and walked out the door.
The whole Luthra family is standing outside the room, Daddy asks Kiran why she is taking the doctor too late because she can’t bear that she’s in any other trouble, and he should recover and come back to her. , Karina pleaded with them to sit down. And stop crying because she was the one who took care of their whole family and she shouldn’t worry, Sherlin wishes she would die soon but Maya prays that she will recover soon otherwise Could not marry, then the doctor came. But they don’t let him do anything when they get the chance, they tell him that Mahesh nature is getting better and he even feels that Mahesh will be fully ready, they all rejoice and Asked if he could meet her, Sherlin believes that if he were healthy, his entire plan would have failed and he would have thrown her out of the house and taken Preeta to the mansion.
Preeta is thinking in her room that her mother’s feelings with Kiran and her family are true and she is always held responsible for things that she did not commit, she thinks that she is Karan’s The relationship that the couple pledges will be much different. Any time between them two, she wishes he could stop being so angry because it always ruins everything.
Preeta then thinks of calling Kiran and thanking her for all his help as he had actually accompanied her without any personal gain; Comes into the room, she has to call Preeta to reveal the news that Mahesh nature is improving and will be fine, they are both trying to call each other but they are trying to connect. Unable because they are calling each other.

Sherlin and Maira are walking down the stairs, Maira says they should be happy otherwise the whole family will be scolding her, Sherlin mentions that she knows that someday they will question her so she is ready. But they’re happy that Maira took it. Aspen and Luthor tell the family what he has planned, then it is all in his favor and that is why he is being hurt, Sherlin thinks how he planned to kill Mahesh with Parthiv, She asks him, but when Sherlin tells the truth, she sees that Kareena is coming in with Daddy, she tries to act like she was planning to hold a party, Kareena asks. That she is canceling what she mentions that the ray will not allow her to come, Kareena promises that she will send the ray to her. Party
Karan is in his room, when he wakes up, he sees that Preeta is standing next to her, she sits on the bed, then gently passes his hand to her head, he takes her and takes her. Holds firmly but she then uses her other hand, he too takes her, pulling her closer, he tells her to wake her up like this in the morning, Mother responds that she indeed would. Hearing her voice gets annoyed and then distances herself from her, she feels happy but he orders her to leave and then he fled. She thinks that he wanted to come close to her and got nervous because they are not married yet, she thinks that Preeta will only think about Kiran because he will be his wife.
Preeta is dreaming in her bed that Karan is near to her, she asks Shrishti why she is throwing a sheet, then she is surprised to see Kiran who is actually with her, she tries to plead with him. As he leaves her room, he pulls her closer. Asking if she doesn’t want him to come near, Priya can’t even say a word.

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