Kundali Bhagya 3rd March 2020 Written Episode Update : Karan and Preeta went on a date

Preeta demands that karan leave her room in such a way that if she is seen together it will cause a lot of trouble, karan explains that she is not afraid of anyone’s father or mother, Preeta says that if she does not If she goes, she will go. As he tries to get down from the bed, he takes her hand and as they both come close to each other, kissing, Preeta suddenly gets up from shock.
Shrishti gets upset after seeing this, Preeta thinks that it was all a dream, Shrishti looks at her, Prietha tries to hide her feelings, says Shrishti if she does not want to say anything. Also, she knows that Preeta saw her dream of a husband and wife who are in a romantic moment, Preeta is running away from him when he is late to her office.
Risahb walks down the stairs and leaves after greeting everyone, Rakhi stops her saying that she will feed him with his hands, Grandma asks Rakhi if she remembers her. How teasing them all was, Risahb says he remembers that they all manipulated her and that when Rakhi was pregnant with the ray, they made her a meal saying that her Because of that he will be healthy.
karan comes to sit at the table, Risahb orders that he should go to practice soon or else he will not pay attention, karan has requested that Risahb eat him first, karina makes a joke when he looks at her. If he stops watching, he’ll pay attention. For matters that are not important, karan gets mad at this statement, Maira comes to her to ask her to come to her party, she refuses, saying that karina has ordered her to focus on her practice, DD Talks to karina as she scolds him as he is, he spoils her mood, then she asks karan to kiss her and he should come to her party.
Preeta enters the office where Shiv comes to talk to her, he asks her about what is happening in her life and how she is now, they are both talking and Preeta. She starts laughing too, and when she sees Karan, she gets really nervous and wonders why Prita is laughing with Shiv like this, Preeta then takes her leave and says that he has a lot of work to do but Shiu follows him, karan tries to reason because Shiv is following him.
As Maira tries to pick up a dress for her party in her room, Sherlene enters, saying that she wants to dress like this because she will not be able to do so after a few months so she can fulfill all her wishes. Wanting to meet, Maira replied that she could do everything on her own, but now she should help because she could not decide what to wear because she wanted to look the best for the rays, Sherlene. She responds that she has not understood Karan yet because she does not judge her girl in a good way, Maira says Refusing to believe that she thinks she wants to come near him when he touches her face in the morning, he goes away when she is nervous, Sherlyn refuses to admit that karan Maira And she gets scared. Even thinking of it as if he thought that karan would probably bring Preeta back to Luther’s house soon enough.
Preeta is in her office where Shiv is trying to talk to her, karan immediately rushes to her complaining that she has severe pain in her shoulder, she asks Shiv to go to her office What she is doing then asks her to look over her shoulder. karan demands that Shiv leave and take care of the team otherwise he will not practice properly, Shiv leaves and karan immediately asks why she is talking to Shiv and laughing. Yes, Preeta realized that he was lying, he asked why he did all this. After Shiv has started liking her, she asks him what is wrong with Shiv, but then Shiv returns and mentions that the team is not on the ground but in the changing room.
Maira gets a call from her friend Jessie who asks her where she is, she tells him that she was going to call him and invite him to her party where she will understand how much she loves karan and here Not even she will be able to catch his eye. Far from it, she convinced Maira to come to her party.
karan mentions that they have all gone to the dressing room after being injured, karan’s phone calls and says that Preeta is right in front of him and he will bring her as soon as possible, Shiv asks where he should take Preeta. About what he says. When her husband is calling her because he wants to tell her how much he loves her, when Shiv quits her job, he says that her husband will not allow her to work because There are a lot of men around.
Maira arrives at her party where everyone is surprised to see her and she welcomes the party from behind, when her friends ask where karan is and she explains that she may have gone to bring her a gift. ۔ Her friends have also brought in the bride, who is happy with the fact that she is going to marry karan.

Karan and Preeta arrive at the restaurant, she asks why they came to the restaurant where karan joked that he has come to dance but then says that they will eat something good, karan’s fans want to take selfies with him. But she is obliged, she sees that Preeta is jealous and draws him closer, saying that she will be in all the selfies she takes.
karan and Preeta start ordering, she explains that she wants to eat spicy food in which karan offers similar spicy food but her only competition is, karan gets call from Maira and He mentioned that he was having dinner. , She requests that she come to her party as soon as possible, she hears Priyanka’s voice in the background after which she becomes frustrated and leaves the party.
Maira arrives at the parking lot where she wonders what is going on with karan Preeta because she should have been with him at the party because they are both busy, she got in her car and left, Sherlin had her at the party. Can’t find it, she remembers that Maira was desperately searching for karan but was unable to find her so she decided to call him, Maira responds to this call and she responds Going to the restaurant where karan and Preeta are having dinner, they will slap Preeta while trying to attract karan, the lion N believe that Maria is going to be the biggest mistake of your life, so it should stop using any means necessarily.

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