Kundali Bhagya 4th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Sherlin and Maira plan to set fire to the hall

Preeta says she has always found a way to help them, she asks him why she explains that she is more important than him and she is more important than anyone. More beloved so she will always be there for her, she says that she is happy to know how much he cares for her when he takes her to her home and endangers her entire family, Karan tells her to talk like this in the past, and they are both eating in a restaurant. Maira arrives and is surprised to see them both sitting together, she takes a menu card to hear what they are talking about.
Preeta says she knows that they had a relationship and trust but they have lost her and that is why she wants to ask him about her relationship and she wants to ask if she will marry Maira. , Karan claimed that he could not marry her as he loves. Preeta so they will be together, Maira is not able to believe it and she asks Preeta why she is coming between her and Karan. Preeta replied that she was not the one who came in between. But it was mothers, she gets angry. And like this, Preeta slaps but Karan then slaps Maira on slapping Preeta, she hears nothing and then they both fall into a fight after which Karan tells her to stay away from Preeta because he Both are couples.
Sherlin returns to reality and wonders what she should do to stop Maira as she slaps Preeta so Karan will never take her with her and she will lose the game, Sherlin is one of the guests. Picks up the phone and calls Maira who is about to face up. Preeta, she tells Maira to believe her words and not to talk to her because she will create trouble for herself, she tells a story in which a princess looks like she has been injured and That is how the prince calls her near. Preeta is doing but she should not talk to Preeta as it will cause trouble for her, she tells Maira to come back as she is slowly using the plan which she used to destroy Preeta’s plan. So, Sherlin is talking about when Karthika comes from behind to see who she ends up with. Year.
Sherlin inquired if Kartika was listening to her conversation to which she was responding that she had just arrived and wondered where Maira was, Sherlin said that she was in the bathroom, she had heard Kartika in the bar. So they too can enjoy the party.
The waiter serves the noodles, Preeta asks Karan that it is not necessary to eat the noodles because they are really spicy and therefore she will not eat them, but Karan confesses to eating them before her ego. What was but when he eats the noodle he cries for not being able to afford the spice, seeing that his condition runs to get something for him, he is unable to calm the heat. During this time he comes running with honey, he refuses to eat it because he does not like it, he refuses to eat it but he He forces her to eat, the waiter starts laughing too, she asks if she is okay, then when the waiter leaves, she puts the honey to her when she needs it.
He makes an excuse that he didn’t feel like the noodles were spicy, he removes the spice from his noodles when a group of men sitting next to him clicks on his picture, he gets mad at them and deletes it. And they both call the waiter to ask them to bring something that is a little less in the spice.
Kartika asks Sherlin where is Maira when she checks the washroom but she can’t find him, Sherlin is disappointed to say that she does not know where Maira is because she is a party and she is somewhere with her friends. Happily, Karthika got mad saying that she would go back home so that she could tell Maira that she had arrived. Seeing that, she immediately went to him to explain that he shouldn’t do anything. This can worsen their relationship as Preeta has the ability to create a situation whereby the ray causes her to fall. What he did when he was arrested, he explained that Karan does everything possible for every girl who does as she is a victim. , And when he was abducted by the gangsters, he helped her too, saying that she came to help her fairy, to which Sherlin tells him that he helps all the girls. They behave as if they are infected and that is why they should behave this way. Dying if K Arn is not with him so if she does, then the two will become a couple which will cause her relationship with Preeta to end, she explains that Maira must call her. And have to explain that she’s really missing him and she won’t be able to. To enjoy the party if he does not listen to what he will come straight to him.
Preeta tells Karan not to be so angry as it is not good and she needs to be calm, Karan mentions that she is not angry all the time and asks the cameraman to delete her. She would otherwise make it news. , {Then Priyanka calms her down. Meanwhile, Sarla gets a call which she goes to answer the other way.
Karan also gets a call from Maira who is pressurizing her to answer the call as she does not, so her friends will think that she is ignoring him and this will damage her reputation. Waiting for it on the ninth floor. She’s able to see her car, she’s finished the call, Karan is wondering what she’s doing like she should stay with Maira at her party but she doesn’t understand why she wants to be with Priya all the time.
As Maira asks Sherlin about the next phase of her plan, Sherlin mentions that she may not have suffered a minor injury, but she may have lost her life as a result of which Maira is very upset.
Preeta comes to whom Karan is looking at him in surprise, she asks him why she says she came after improving her makeup, Preeta denies that she has How could she do it if there was nothing, she wondered, the waiter comes with easy food.
Maira disagrees with anything that could have caused her life, Sherlin said, but she mentioned to Karan that she would be waiting at the ninth floor, so the two would go there to fire.

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