Kundali Bhagya 5th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Maira set fire to the room

Sherlin says that she only informed Karan that she would be on the ninth floor so they would both go and fire the floor, Maira was surprised at which Sherlin says that she had just said that to Maira herself. Is to be set on fire and burned. Karan in the same fire, they will call Karan and she will come running because if she does not do so she will die, she assured mother that they will set fire to their limits and if they do not come, they will run away. Well, they both go to fire the floor.
Karan and Preeta are having dinner where he starts teasing her by saying why she is behaving like a woman and is so shy, he shook her hand which ruined her clothes. She runs to clean it, he tells her not to put on any makeup.
Sherlin prepares the room and tells her that she has set everything up and that she should only fire one part and ask Karan to come and save her because she is locked on the ninth floor and if she does not come So she will die, then she will call and she will panic for help and if she does not reach, then she will have to run to save her life, then they call on the plan according to their plan, she is worried Goes to the hotel immediately, Preeta wonders why he is so nervous that he went to the hotel and decided to follow him.
Sherlin offers Maira kerosene and advises that she should fire only half of the circle, and when she comes to him, she should fire the other half, Sherlin says. He should call Crane for pressure.
Karan is driving towards the venue wondering why she got to the ninth floor, she gets a call from Sherlin who asks her about Maira, then tries to do as if she is surprised to hear about Maira. So she says that she will go to him to try to save him, but when they change, Kartika is standing behind her, running to save Maira, thinking that she might get in trouble. , Sherlin decides what she wants to do, who reads Maira and starts pouring kerosene into the room. Brightens the match and it fires up the furniture, Maira starts to cry for help but Kartika comes to see her, who is surprised to see her so she asks him to call her Ray. When Sherlin arrives, she goes with him, Sherlin intends to do something to prevent Kartika from being informed of the hotel’s management so that she falls victim to the fall and then acts as if she manages. Trying to call, Preeta arrives at the hotel and immediately Kartika asks Karthika what happened, she runs away hearing that Maira is trapped on her. Ninth floor,
Preeta reaches the ninth floor where she calls Maira, who, after hearing her voice, sets fire to another, then seeing that Preeta tells her to leave, because she does not need his help when she hears that Preeta Helping her, she tells him to go and do it. Since he would be the only one to save her, Preeta then walked from the back to the room where Maira is sitting in the chair, then she was surprised to find that she was sitting comfortably.
Karan enters the hotel where Sherlin tells him to run to the ninth floor, where Maira is trapped and seeing that Kartika is following him as she is about to faint, Kartika goes to help her.
Preeta pulls Maira away saying that they should go, but Maira says that she will not go with him and she will leave when she only leaves when Karan comes to save her, she will stop Preeta. And then tells her to leave when she always pretends to be with Karan that she is in trouble and so Karann has always saved her so she will do the same and he set fire to the ray. Warns Preeta to stay away from Karan, who says she will not do anything by his orders and does not meet her wishes, Preeta says she can do it whenever she wants. And they will meet her whenever she wants and whenever they do not take sympathy in maintaining her relationship with anyone because they are built with respect and understanding, Preeta says that they have a relationship. No problem if Karan is married to a girl but she will not allow him to marry her because she is a crazy girl so he should leave and open the door, but she keeps her farm running when she thinks That is, if Preeta goes to her, she will tell him to try to convince the truth about Karan that Maira. I was stunned, but will not do anything that they observe the madness that would make sure that would not be out of conservativism room, heard agreeableness Maria schemes fire.

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