Kundali Bhagya 6th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Maira set fire to the room

Maira said surprisingly that she had a fire in the room, so now Preeta wants to turn against her, Preeta pleads with her to stop nonsense because she never did anything wrong to prove it. She says that she loves someone, she mentions that what Maira is trying to do is just an act, she says that she will do what Preeta has always done and push her because Preeta becomes unconscious, she goes out of the room thinking that the fire that was meant for her will make Preeta’s existence. He got irritated, he decided to leave her immediately after hearing Karan’s voice, then immediately went back inside acting as if she was having trouble, she goes out and tries to act like she is. The anesthetic is on so Karan takes it on his arms and runs downstairs.
Kartika asks Sherlin if she is okay, then they decide to call Kareena or else she will get stressed, Sherlin then sees Karan coming along with Maira and they both take her out. Yes, Kartika surprisingly says that Preeta is going to examine her where the party is but she is not able to find him,
Karan is with Sherlin who asks her to do anything she can to make Maira conscious, Kartika is looking for Preeta but she is not looking for him then she decides to call Preeta. But she does not answer the call, Karan thinks that he might be angry with her, which is why he is not accepting her call, then he calls Kartika which mentions that he has told Preeta. Having seen her come to the hotel before but she couldn’t find it, Karen heard this and ended the phone call from Sherlin to take Maira home. As he goes to help Preeta. Maira is shocked when she is unconscious why she is leaving behind a phantom.
Karan enters the room, it is completely full of flames, she starts to cough but she is able to see Preeta then she picks it up, both Maira and Sherlin see it from the corner, Preeta sees Karan. Open your eyes for anyone who is trying to help her. But then she became unconscious, Maira could not see that she had come to rescue Preeta after leaving, Karan could not find any way, she said that she could not take the circles after that. Will get married Once again, Sherlin asks him to accompany her because he cannot be seen.
Maira is running angrily, she is relieved to hear anything that Karthika is saying, Sherlin says she is moving because HSC is fine, then Karan has come in her hands with Preeta, Karthika and Karan. Both are there to help her, she is left behind with her
Karan is with Preeta in tech, he is asking the driver to hurry because he is not conscious, but then he wakes up to see how calm Karan gets, he asks Is she okay to say that she might have been unconscious but now it’s okay, she tells him not to do anything as soon as she goes into the room, Curious, she tells him not to go to the hotel because she is fine. In her house where Karan is about to leave but Preeta has stopped her, saying that she has a good relationship with everyone whom she describes as her family but there is only one who does not like her. , She doesn’t ask him to say anything. Against her mother, she agrees and when she is about to leave, she asks if she will come to his house to play HOLI, Preeta mentioned that she wants to be with her family only when If he is not, then there is no point in celebrating it. At the festival, Preeta thanked them for all their help.
Janki is helping Sarla in the kitchen, Shrishti is really engrossed in the smell that he touched the dish but it is really hot and he has burned his hand, Sarla asks him to go clean it. As she gets hurt, then Preeta comes to her and asks Sarla to help her sister to get some information. Preeta also teases her, Sarla comes and tries to feed Preeta with her hands. She asks him about it, but Preeta makes an excuse that she got it herself, then starts feeding Sarala, both of which are mentioned by Preeta. Whoever makes the food can not be found anywhere, Janki also says that his mother is the best chef and no one can match it, Janki mentions that the guests love the dish after coming home. Will do
Maira is not resting and thinking about what she saw, Sherlin pleads that she sit quietly, Maira sits down but says that she cannot rest when Karan is unconscious. But she leaves him to save Preeta, he doesn’t care about her but just for Preeta, Sherlin assures her that Karan will only marry her. Sherlin says he has not lost the war and will use all the tricks to combine the two tactics with him. They both hug each other, Sameer watches them together, he wonders how Maira can befriend Sherlin, she is unable to understand what the two are talking about.
In the morning, Rakhi is preparing the house, she asks Ganesh to take the bag out for the guests, she is taking care of the preparations When Kartika arrives, she asks if there is enough color for the guests, Kartika says there is nothing to worry about, then both Rishab and Karan come after him, they greet her and when she asks about Karan, Kartika says it is her baby. Who is so ugly and really stubborn, Karan runs after him but Rishab has stopped him who says he is his sister, Daddy also says it is his right, Sami Then he brings Rishab to the doctor saying that he is a doctor, he attends the call and is surprised to hear the news. When everyone asked him, he says that the doctor said that Mahesh will be cured soon, They all congratulate each other, Kareena prays that she can be healed really soon and join in the marriage of Karen and Maira, Karen said that she can not move forward with this wedding, everyone Was surprised to hear

PRECAP: Sherlin explained to Maira that she had a plan in place that would lead to Karan’s marriage, and herself, Sameer, was listening to their conversation. Holi festivities begin with the amazing performance of Karan and Preeta.

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