Kundali Bhagya 10th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Mahesh opens his eyes and is about to recover

Prithvi promises Sherlin that she will not let anything happen to her and she will remain in the mansion, they both embrace each other, Rishab walks through the room and they are curious to see both of them. Hides, he comes into the room asking what has happened to her and why she is crying, he says it is because of her and even when their first Holi is with her he Not playing the game, Rishab apologized for explaining that it was because he was occupied with the guests that immediately applied color to his face, while Prithvi stood up and was surprised. Yes, when the two brothers leave their Sherlin baby alone, she falls into something, Rishab wonders if there is anyone else in the room, Sherlin tells them there is no one else. Takes them and him. Prithvi, noticing that no one comes out, he is surprised at how low the Rishab is until he even comes to check behind the bed, he applies the color and hears the sound of the cloth. Hides down. Preeta enters the room to check in the washroom for Preeta, Maira also comes up behind her and locks her inside, then Shrishti enters the room asking her about Preeta, but she finds Shrishti a Pushing away, Preeta asks him to open the door. Bathroom.
Rakhi is with Mahesh, she applies color to her face and then asks her to wake up because everyone is upset because of her condition, she also wants him to apply color. Yes, then she takes her hand, starts crying because she is not awake because everyone needs her, till she wants to hear him say anything rakhi ji, he starts moving then Asks his two sons, he immediately. He rushes to call them both.
Shrishti is calling someone, then letting Preeta out of the bathroom, Shrishti asks why she locked him inside the room, Shrishti says that she followed him to Maira. The reason was that she was planning to lock the phantom in the room but she also locked it. He and now they are both trapped. Preeta said that she does not know anything but she wants to get out because she should help Karan so started screaming, Shrestha stopped explaining that no one came. Because they are all busy playing Holi, Prithvi wonders what as the matter between the two, he plans to act as a table and listen to their conversation, he hears that they are both saying That she won’t bring the mother closer to the ray because her intentions are not right, she is really happy with it. Maira’s plan, Shrishti had to escape after opening the window, says Preeta, because he can’t do it because it is really big, Shrestha said he could use the table, causing him panic. As she is working as if she is a table e.
Kartika comes to Sameer, explaining that something has changed with Maira because she is no longer the friend she knew in her childhood, Sameer replies that her company’s attitude changed when she shared Sherlin. Started living with, indicating that the two are now arriving together.
Maira sends the waiter to take the glass, she takes it but the companion takes a glass, Sherlin immediately rushes to push the glass from which it falls, both boys wonder what the matter is. Yes, she explains that she should not drink alcohol. It’s something to talk to her and take her aside, Maira immediately goes to the crank and forces her to drink a whole glass of wine.
Raspberry is with Sherlin asking why she called him aside, she says that she was called by Kareena and Daddy, Rakhi immediately asks both Kareena and Rasheed that their father is awake and Missing them both, they all reached Mahesh.
Serenity is standing next to Prithvi to open the window latch, she desperately controls her emotions but still moves, telling Shrishti Preeta to hold her when she finally opens the window. The two push him aside and run out of the room, falling to the floor.
Rakhi arrives in the room with everyone in the family, they all plead to wake up as Mahesh has been in a coma so now they should wake up because they all need it, Rishab goes to his bed As he went along, then, finally Mahesh opened his eyes, seeing the whole family in Mahesh’s room, he also entered, Maira wondered how she came out and if she would tell everyone the truth about it. When Mahesh opened his eyes, Sherlin was shocked to see Sherlin, Kiran immediately looked at Sherlin and even her entire family Looking up, she is worried what she will do, then Rishab intends to call the doctor, Preeta calls her and after inquiring about mediation, she looks for her in mediation. Inject and apply them, Mahesh finally relaxes

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