Manish Raisinghan and Sangeita Chauhaan are going to get married soon

Manish Raisinghan And Sangeita Chauhaan

Finally some good news !! All fans of Manish Raisingh and the self-respecting actress Sangeeta Chauha can celebrate as both lovebirds are getting married on June 30 at a gurdwara in Andheri. This news has surfaced today and as reported by a major portal, the wedding will include Sangeeta’s brother and Manish’s sister and brother-in-law. The entire family will be involved in the wedding.

Manish mentioned that his decision to get married was wrong. “It happened that I was busy during the lockdown period, working on various projects. And one day I told my dad that I have a day off and he quickly said ‘Off le ra hai ki shadi bhai karele.’ Let’s get married She was surprised and thought that I was joking. But then I told her that I was serious and wanted to talk to her parents. The whole family met via video call and discussed things. “

He said, “We have planned mehndi and sangeet functions. We are still planning things and making decisions.

Manish and Sangeeta met on the sets of Swabhimaan. When reminiscent of their first meeting, they said that they had met on the sets of Swabhimaan but never talked to each other. Once they met at Suchitra Mam’s house and they started a conversation. He recalls that he also made fun of him by saying that he did not pay his attention during self-respect.


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