Manmohini 5th March 2020 Written Episode Update

Manmohini 5th March Written In the room, Ananias cries out to torment Amar Shiva. Amar appeared outside his room and knocked on the door to allow him to enter. Ananias does not answer. Amar speaks with surprise that he wants to go anywhere without invitation. Ananya screamed in fear. Amar says that whenever she messes with it, Shiva will always have to pay a price. Ananya responds that with just a little physical pain, their love cannot be ruined. Even after Shiva’s gone, their love will still be there. Amar decided to testify again to his love. He sees how long it lasts.

He called Shiva into the room. The door opens itself. Shiva barely walked into Amar’s room. There is still blood on his forehead. Amar asks why he didn’t apply the ointment, he doesn’t need it anyway. He told Shiva to go and bring the coat and the goods he had given him. Get a shave coat and help wear it. He then handed Amar a dog belt. Amar ordered Shiva to wear this dog belt. Shiva obeys his orders and ties a belt around his neck. Ananias weeps silently on her condition. Amar tells Shiva to leave. He is dead, but he is dragged by the belt. He tells Shiva to go and wear another belt. Ammar Ananiya contended that this was the result of his stubbornness. Ananya is challenged to continue for only 21 days. She is daring that the dog will wear the belt within the next 21 days.

The next morning, Kateki brought black coffee to Amar. He smiled. Sometimes, however, Amir exceeds his limit, says Ketki. What he did to Shiva was not right. Ammar posed with a burnt face, and asked if she thought it was all wrong. He intrigues her, forbids her to lecture her on right and wrong. She likes Shiva, so she’ll get Shiva. He angrily tells her to leave, and warns him to try to keep her from anything again. He prepares a ball of fire and Kentucky feels his arm twisted and he cries in pain, agreeing that he will never stop her from anything. Amar threatens that she will not be able to stop him next time.
Kateki came to Shiva’s room. He sat on his bed wearing a dog belt. His hand still shed blood, so did his forehead. Ketaki asked how his wound was, and he offered to use the medicine. Shiva didn’t want to bring the medicine as Amar said.

At night Shiva sat on his bed. He opens his belt with his neck and lies down comfortably. Come to your room with the Ananya First Aid Box. She’s taking the belt from Shiv’s hand. She now carefully bleeds it from her forehead. She quietly thinks about what happened to her. He hurts himself because of immortality. She puts a cotton bandage on her forehead, then cleanses the blood with her hands. She kisses his face. A tear fell on his cheeks. When Ananias left, Shiva woke up and found himself bandaged and went to ask Ananya.

In the room, Ananya was upset with her challenge to immortality, and feared that Shiva’s suffering would otherwise double. Sunanda comes to Ananya and asks why she doesn’t accept all this. Amar is hurting Shiva because of this. Ananya asks where this maternity was when she cheated on Shiva and helped Amar. Sunanda tries to slap Ananya but she confronts him in mid-air. She keeps Sananda in mind that she is a witch and will stay that way, but she should remember that history repeats itself. Today, Amar stands where he stood 30 years ago. Sunanda used every tactic to get Ram, but Mohani could never break the love of Siya and Ram. Likewise, immortal Manmohini 5th March Written

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