Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd March 2020 Written Episode Update : Amber glanced back at Gannett and found comfort

The event begins as soon as Amber arrives at her agency and asks Mahindra to leave the chair. He tells her to read the page first and then the chair will be left. Mahindrata asks his lawyer to read. Amber says she has filed a lawsuit against her and said that unless the case goes on, you can’t do anything. He says that the people you have taken my name in your name have preferred that you transfer the loan in my name, not a cheap guy like you. He says you used to call Anjali bhabhi and what he used to do. You can’t do that, says Mahindrata. He asked Randeep to come home. Randeep says I will not come with you. He tells Amber that he has done nothing. Amber says you’re an idiot, I know. They say the work will be in my liking. Randeep says maybe I won’t come tomorrow and hug Amber. Amber asked what do you want? Randeep says he wants to take Naya for lunch. Amber stood up and said if something was going on in your mind. Randeep says he wants to talk to her about friendship. Amber asks Naya to accompany Randeep. He asks her to attend a video call with you, order it and pay the bill. The new ones say okay. She comes to Amber and hugs him. Amber has tearful eyes and cries. New asked what happened now? Amber says I thought I lost her. Naya asks who gave her ideas about it? Amber thinks about Gannett and says no. Upadhyaya told him to take Samosa. Amber refuses and says she’ll be sitting alone.

Shanti called Amber and told her that the first floor people came and no one was opening the door. Amber gets up, gets up, and gets Samosa’s hand off in her car. Epadhia and Ganeshim are stunned. Amber tries to start her car and lifts the bike rider. He reached home and went to Gannett’s house. Someone opens the door.

Randeep told Naya that his partner from the United States has found an investor for his project. New asks if he will go to America? He says I won’t go if you don’t want to. He says I know you won’t say it. They say it was a one-way affair. He says I was emotionally attached to you because I never let anyone come near me. Pammy opened the door. Amber asked about mathematics. Pami says they have not come yet. Amber says. Pamy says that if he came to fight Ganesh and say that we were already under stress after stopping. Amber says I came to tell you that you can live here and you don’t have to go. Pammy asked if you were really amber shy. Amber says he came running and went to tell her.

Randeep tells Naya that she will be in her first 10 memories. New tells that he’s found a good friend in her. He asks if he will get a farewell gift. New asked what do you want? Dr. Pandey came to Amber’s house and said that he had brought apples for himself. Amber says I went upstairs with the hope that she had arrived, but her mother opened the door and blasted me. He says he is now having a headache. Dr. Pandey says it is in love. He asked her to come up to the car and said there were many other things that came from the field. Amber asked to bring it. Then the mathematics came there. Amber looked at him and smiled. Gannette pulls things in. Amber doesn’t try to look at her. Dr. Pandey pointed to him by going to mathematics. My beloved has come to play Eventually he came to Gannett and his equipment turned to Gannette and his hair fell on his face. She looks at him. Amber hinted that he would take off his bag. He takes all his belongings. Ganith is amazing and greets Dr. Pandey. What happened to Amber is what she pointed out. Dr. Pande tells Amber Garnett that he can lift any weight and repair his trolley.

Dr Pandey thought he was not ready to take the goods out of his car. He puts his belongings in his house and says he will leave. Goni thanked him and asked not for it, but for Rookie Day. She says if you weren’t there, I wouldn’t dare break it. Amber asked are you okay? Gannett said yes. Pammy comes and asks if he enjoyed his disgrace. Gannett told me. Amber goes. Ganit tells Pammy not to start from nowhere. Pammy says you’ve ruined everything. Ganit told him to make a dum potato. What Pammy asked, your engagement is broken and says that the doctor was good that you left him for the computer boy. Amber heard them. “I’m not talking to a computer guy,” Gannett said. Pamy says you’re a lot and say you were always on the phone, I didn’t know you were doing this. Ganit told him to take his phone and throw it away. Pami says you should have thrown it long ago. She says it’s good that Roca is broken. She says that I have learned from the internet boy that we will not lie to anyone as it hurts.

Precap: Amber heard the voice of Gannette ordering chocolate cookies and made them at home. He makes Shanti and Apadhia taste it.

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