Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 6th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia Meets new financial adviser

The episode begins with Amber saying, “Go, go, leave your daughter and go.” Guneets called Amber and asked if it was safe. Amber says it’s very safe. He asked for what? Guneets saw it. Amber says it’s safe for your mother. Guneets asked who is going? Amber says there are two more women and Guneets to look after them. He asked her to enjoy it and said the cat would walk. Guneets asked, “Who’s the cat?” Amber sheds. Guneets asked about the costs. Amber says I’ll take care of everything. Guneets told him to take the money with rent. New and old are there. Kajal points out that they call the Nobles. Naya says we have ideas, but how to prove a profit. Amber says it happens to everyone in the beginning. Guneets comes there and tells him that he got many options on the route where he traveled. Naya asked what is this? Guneets says that if he had taken my advice, 25% would have been saved. “We want a financial advisor who assures us of profit by investing less,” Naya says. Amber says I was saying the same thing. “You said we would get some more investors,” says Kajal. New thanks to Mathematics. Amber asked Kajal to keep the cookies, and Guneets told her to keep it. Guneets says no. Amber told Naya she would give financial advice. Guneets says they will argue, not seek help from him. Amber said yes. Naya is surprised that she’s happy with it. Amber asks Gannett to arrange for her mother to move out. Ganit said yes and gave him the paper in which he wrote about the financial plan.

Kabir scolded Shri and told him that he was dependent on his relationship with Naya and said that you should not do so. Mr. says that I did nothing intentionally. Kabir says Naya and Randeep are together. He says that was my life, but I was a small part of his life. He says she won’t come back to me … which you are not … plays

Naya talks to someone on the phone and goes to the room. Kajal called Kabir and asked if he had a financial analyst number. Kabir asked him not to call for professional work. The mascara is fine and ends the call. Naya comes back and asks Did you call Kabir? She says she knows a girl who can help him and they will meet him in the evening.

Pammy is ready to go out. Gannett says you look good. Pami says he is not happy and asks him to do all the work. She tells him not to do anything wrong. Gannett said okay. Pammy got in the car. Amber breathed a sigh of relief and closed the door. Gannett locked the door, sang and danced in his house. The thief goes to the nanny in the bazaar …… Amber also dances in the kitchen. She lights a candle and drinks something. Dr. Pandey asks Amber if the girl has been persuaded. Amber asks if he won’t talk properly. Dr. Pandey asked what did you do? Amber tells him about sending Pumi to go out. They say that I told Ganeshim to take a couple of days and roam it in the temples, so that Ganesh can get relief here. Dr. Pandey says whenever you made a plan, it was useless to you. Amber speaks insects in your mouth.

Naya and Kajal come to the office and call Swara Joshi. A girl asks them to sit down and goes to fetch ice tea for them. She thinks she is supportive and suggests that she come to see Sora. Swara says that she is Swara Joshi. She says she has realized she will know everything. Naya says he is a start-up company, but no investor. Swara asked, do they have ideas? Naya says he wants her to plan for it and tells them that he checked her profile. Swara assured that if they work, their victory is assured. Kabir comes there and waits on the swarm. Swara gestured to her to sit down. Kajal says she will become a Girl Team and Girl Power. Swara says she can’t afford any risks and says she offers them too. She says she can only associate with one company right now and says she’ll meet tomorrow. Kabir does not see the new.

Kabir meets Swara. Swara says you’re just like you are now. She says you were beautiful before and still, and still single. She says if you are a virgin it is a loss to the nation. He says his company needs a financial advisor. Swara says she wants to help a new company. Kabir says he has something to tell him. Naya and Kajal try to set up their new office with the help of Amber. They clean the place and spend some good moments. Some play long songs… .they finally set up the office. New with Amber and Kajal in hyphau. Amber goes.

PRECAP: Amber grabs Guneets hand and sings to you dearly… . Guneets is surprised.

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