Mr And Mrs Perfect : Kumkum Bhagya Episode 4 On Multidesiupdates.

Mr And Mrs Perfect : Kumkum Bhagya Episode 4 On Multidesiupdates.

PRAGYA, East, Bulbul were avoiding here when PRAGYA HEARD spoke to his friends.
Pragya: Okay brother and sister, I have to go now, my friends are looking for me.
He was bye bye and left to show his friends in couriers
Harshi: Where did you go? Uncle and aunt came there to welcome
Pragya: Ok, I will meet them, you guys go to lunch today, I will see you in the evening
She went to her parents

In the park area: She is such a sweet girl Bulbul: But there is something that is disturbing her east: I can feel the depth in her voice. She is such a pure-hearted Bulbul: I want Abhi to have such a beautiful and loving girl as my wife Purba: Ohhhh God she is not 27 years old, she is just 17 years old and you know about her marriage. Thinking Bulbul: Yes, his wedding will be the last marriage in our house. I want to enjoy his marriage the most east: I can’t enjoy his marriage Bulbul: Why can’t you enjoy the East: Till I suck his blood Will marry sister Bulbul: Meaning I am a blood sucker. East: Yes, I can prove it to you. Just then she got a call from Abhi. Abhi: Hello brother, how are you? What kind of bloodsucking vampire east is this: Abhi you are the best man Abhi: What happened Jiju you are fine east: Why are you asking such a question Abhi: Did you sit under some bhogi tree that the feeling suddenly came to the east: I realized Abhi that I am the best priest: No, I just told your sister that she is a blood sucker. I could not believe that you have confirmed it now. Abhi: Ohhh ok then. Bulbul: Am I a Blood Sucker East and Abhi: Skip about the truth Bulbul: You, I hate you both East and Abhi: We love you so much Bulbul SHEED and they are great, which is the RECEPTION field. About Random Stuff. Pragya: Hi Daddy Raghuveer: My princess, how are you baby Pragya: I am fine what about you two Raghuveer: Baby did you cry last night Pragya: No, I could not sleep last night Raghuveer: -No No sleep Pragya: I was thinking both of you Raghuvir: about us. What is there for us to think about needs to be read in advance, but we told about that Raghuvariyar went to the Naga deity and came to him and came to see parts of it Was. RAGHUVEER GAVERY asked to have a meal when it happened: when you had your meal Pragya: This morning Mama Depali: I am your mother, you cannot lie to me: Yesterday morning Depali: What have you done Pragya: Doodh Depali: How many times have I told you to eat properly. How will the strength Pragya: I am strong, not like you MAAJI EVERYONE smiled and Depali introduced love and inspiration Pragya: Namastasya aunty and uncle I Pragya Chaudhary.

I am studying in 12th standard. I like sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. My parents are my everything and I want to graduate from IIT and go to great heights. Depali: How much do you talk Prem: She is like my daughter Priyana: Her sweet voice is Pragya: Thanks aunt Inspiration: No aunty to Mamu, Mommy or Mom and Dad Prem: I would love to hear you saying mom and dad Pragya : Ok father love: my baby thats love hugged her and kissed her forehead. Inspiration: I want to change something in your long speech. After today your name is Pragya Arora and not Pragya Chaudhary. Pragya: Why should I change my name Prem: It’s a long story. You will come to know about them soon. For now let’s eat something or else you will faint again. Pragya smiled and turned to her parents. Pragya: Pragya: Papa. I want some money Raghuveer: How much do you want Dipali: You are not asking her the reason for this Raghuvir: I know that my daughter will always use money for good things. She wants to leave money and money, as she has done: call east, he will be surprised that she calls PRAGYA and Bulbul and PRAGYA comes to Returns and starts talking to someone. Prem: My princess Purba and Bulbul are ready to be pregnant. They saw PRAGYA. East: Pragya, you. . Prerna: She is your sister Purab Pragya: Purabh Bhai Depali: Pragya, you know her. How do you know her Pragya: (unchanged from the shock) I meet her tomorrow Deppley: Tomorrow, how do you meet her Pragya: Not tomorrow, I meet her in the parking area right now. Depali: Ohhhh hugged her kissing her forehead east: I am so happy that you are my sister. Pragya: Even from now I can celebrate Rakshabandhan Prem: This Rakshabandhan will be terrible I think. All siblings are Pragya: I am hungry. We will die: If you are hungry. We have to go east: Mother, all of you go, I will bring her the chobi after finishing the outing process. Then let’s go to restore them all. Only east and Pragya in realization dear: I am sorry, Pragya, from the minute I meet you, I wanted a sister like you to be loving, sweet and loving. Finally God answered my prayer Pragya: brother will you help me east: just give me the command, my princess Pragya: will you work as my lover east: will Pragya: Shyam in 5 minutes from your reception phone Will come to call the family. I will complete my formalities by then and I want you to work as my lover in front of her. Please do not tell this to sister-in-law: OK and fast forward to fast forward and help the poor coming into the Renaissance period and know on the phone as PRAGYA SAID. PRAGYA game returned. He loses his eyes with an outward looking scream. Shyama investigated Pragya at the time of her bus departure. PURAB OOD S BLOOD BOILED AND HE GOT UP PRAGYA CAME AND SHOUTED Pragya: Purb, here you are, what a sudden surprise Poor: Wanted to see you sweet heart. Can’t I come to meet my love Pragya: You can mother, and where did Pa go east: They went to the restaurant so we had privacy: Pragya: Ohh east: Let’s go. I have to talk about some important issues Pragya, let’s go to my room. Pragya: You haven’t changed a bit. Like before the East: You fell for this naughty boy, then why would I change Pragya’s body and “Love You Pernab” Perfected “I Loved You” You Love Her And Love Her Ho. Shyama had quit the job altogether. IN IN CAR PURAB AND PRAGYA Here the feet were loving Pagla East: OMG, did you see her face Pragya, it looked like a weeping chimpanzee Purab: Chimpanzee would feel bad Pragya: You are right, Bhai Pur : u worked so well Pragya: Thank you brother. We will go that I am hungry to go to the hotel and have food with food and go to those people and go to the mall. Morning ya Pragya: Ma, please I will be with brother. DePally: I don’t behave like a stubborn child. Come let go Purab: It is okay I will manage his motivation: Don’t worry, he is not a child. Depali: Okay, your wish. In whose room you will sleep Pragya: Brother’s room Depali: All the best east. Purab: You understand yesterday morning that he went home and his room. What will happen next The How will Abi and Pragya meet? Will they fall for each other. The Will Pragya know the truth behind Pragya’s agony? Answers to all these questions will be in the next episode


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