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Naagin Season 4 26th April 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Naagin Season 4 26th April 2020 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Naagin Season 4 26th April 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode:

(The episode begins with Nayantara playing Pungi to gain control of Vrinda. She manages to hypnotize Vrinda who transforms into her serpent avatar and starts dancing to music.

Swara comes back home and calls Brinda outside who is not there. She asks Panditji to help her to share her concerns about her daughter. He says that he will go to find her.

Brinda dances on “Meena Nagintusafera” and then turns into a snake. She starts heading towards Nayantara’s web planned for him.

Rajat asks Vrushali if she can talk with him. Ketaki says that she can talk in front of him. Rajat suggests Vrushali to plan a party in which they can bring Nayantara and Dev closer. Vrishali asks him to make arrangements but Ketki and Iravati fight because they want their sons to arrange the party. Vrishali says that she does not want to include family members or else Khyati and Akash will feel bad. She asks Rajat to arrange the party. Rajat left.

Spart, Harsh, Hardik and Rohan come out with Rajat and it is revealed that the party is just their plan to get revenge from Brinda.

Nayantara burns fire on the leaves and sprinkles the potion, saying that now the fire will turn into a volcano.

Dev sees a lot of smoke coming out of the forest and thinks what is happening. He sits on his bike and walks towards the forest.

Nayantara started playing to hypnotize Vrinda and burn her in the fire. When Nayantara sees Dev, Vrinda jumps into the fire. She says that Dev should not have come there, she cannot give up and Vrinda cannot be saved. Vrinda goes away. Nayantara is disappointed.

Vrinda becomes human again and faints. His father looks for him. She gets irritated seeing him unconscious and picks him up. Vrinda drops Rudraksha on the ground.

On the other hand a pundit is analyzing the Rudraksha found from the villager. He says that it belongs to a powerful intelligent person who has a lot of knowledge about pornography. Manya wondered who is the person who exchanged her child with Nayantara. Pandit asks several people to keep Nayantara with her and Munita says that she still loves Nayantara as before, but it is not her daughter who can help her avenge her as it is the revenge of the serpent. Is and Natantara is not nougat.

Nayantara is running away from the forest. Dev arrives at the bike from the opposite direction and hits him. Nayantara is fine and Dev asks his father what he is doing there. Nayantara tells her that after what had happened at the Sufi concert, she was feeling low and she went for a walk, but saw that there was a lot of smoke coming out of the forest so she was going back. Dev asks him to stop worrying and invites him to the party that his family arranged to welcome him and Rohan to India. Nayantara accepts and is satisfied to see him taking care of her.

Vrinda is sleeping and gets a glimpse of her transformation. She screams and panting.

Brinda’s father tells a mysterious person that it seems that he turns into a very powerful icchadariNaagin when there is any kind of danger and he warns the person to be careful.

Brinda tries to remember what happened but in vain and what is happening to her.

Vrishali jumps out into Ketki and asks him what he is doing there. Ketki says that she could not find the network inside the house, so she came out. Vrishali remains confused with her behavior. Ketki goes inside.

Swara gives soup to Brinda and asks her to rest. His father arrives. Swara goes to get water. Vrinda asks her father what is happening to her. He tries to convince her that it is just that she is working a lot these days and it is so hot that she is feeling weak. Brinda is not convinced and says that it is not normal that she remains unconscious and does not even remember how and why her father insists that she should just rest. Rajat comes and asks Brinda to come to the party with her in the night. Brinda says that she is not well but Rajat convinces her and her family.

The party starts at night and Lily and Millie have a lot of fun. Nayantara also comes and she thinks where is Dev. Rohan tells his cousins ​​about Brinda’s plan to drink alcohol and Nayantara overhears them. She smiles and thinks that this plan is better than her and now no one can stop Dev from marrying her.

Brinda is waiting for Rajat when Dev arrives but she is angry with him. Dev asks her what is wrong and she says that she is angry because he left her waiting in the forest but tells her that she does not want to discuss it because she is unwell. Dev gets worried about her and tries to stop her. He slips and falls into her arms. They look at each other. “Ikmulaqat” plays. Someone takes a video of him from one corner. Dev asks Brinda what happened to her and why Rajat is not taking care of her. Brinda says that she does not care whether Rajat is there or not. Dev thinks of taking medicine for her from the car.

Brinda goes inside the club and feels uncomfortable. Hardik arrives and apologizes for mistreating her. Brinda also apologized for the slap but Hardik says he deserved it. He says that she looks weak and offers her juice so that she can feel better. Vrinda takes it. Hardik takes him inside.

When Brinda is inside, she asks Rajat and Lily about Rajat and they send her to the bar. Hardik, Rohan and others watch him waiting for him to drink juice. Brinda asks Rajat to drink some alcohol. He is completely drunk. Hardik goes to her and asks her to ignore him and just drinks juice.

Nayantara sees Dev and shows him a small bottle of wine with which Roha drank Brinda’s liquor and asks her not to drink anything from the party as it looks like someone else wants to drink. Dev thanks her and then goes to find Brinda. He sees her going to a drunken silver after drinking a sip. Rohan, Hardik, Adarsh ​​and Harsh cheered upon seeing him drinking alcohol. Brinda goes to Rajat. Dev checks his drink but before he can understand anything, Hardik drops the glass. Dev sees Brijrat forcing himself and goes to them. He punches Rajat and then scolds him for drinking so much and tries to force himself on Brinda. The latter is touched by his concern. Dev gives ORSA to make Brinda dissolve in water and feel better. He leaves. Nayantara also takes Brinda with her.

Hardik asks Rohan what to do now as Rajat has spoiled his plan, but Rohan has a Plan B. He orders a cake.

Panditji is praying and wonders why Vrinda has started feeling unwell since her 25th birthday, the day of the unhealthy constellation. Swara comes and tells her that Vrishali wants to meet her but Panditji asks her to give him an excuse. Swara is surprised that finally Vrinda and her husband request to stay away from the Parikh family. Vrishali comes there and Swara asks her to talk to Panditji. Vrishali says that Ketki is behaving strangely. Panditji says that if Manya had done something, she would have understood. Vrishali tells her that she wants Nayantara to marry Dev and solve their financial problems at any cost.

Spurs announced that it was a welcome party for his brothers so he ordered a special cake. Dev cuts the cake and Nayantara feeds her first. She feeds Brinda and Nayantara. Rohan and others feed Brinda. Nayantara looks at them and smiles. She asks the DJ to play music. Nayantara and Dev dance together on “Makhna”. Brinda is drunk and is also dancing. She falls into Dev’s arms and they start dancing together. Brinda is drunk and dances madly. Nayantara danced with Dev. Rohan and the others take Brinda away. Nayantara thanked Dev for forgetting what happened yesterday, and thanked Dev for bringing so much life to the party. Nayantara asks her about Brinda and says that she had eaten a lot of cake which had rum so she is worried about him. She says that she has not been with Rajat since sitting in the bar. Dev goes to see Brinda. Nayantarashmir thinking that he is going towards his web.

Harsh, Harsh and Hardikatakrinda in a room.

Nayantara asks Rohan about Brinda and tells her that Dev has gone to find her. Rohan gets worried.

Sparsh, Harsh and Hardik want to rape Brinda but Dev comes into the room before they can do anything. Rohan also arrives and they all pretend that they were worried for Brinda, as she was drunk and Dev asks her to find the boys who drank Brinda’s drink. They were scared thinking that Dev might know about his plan. They go away. Nayantara closes the door of the room when Dev and Brinda are alone. Nayantara says she did not want to do this, but now that the newspaper will publish the news of her defamation, Vrushali will not be able to bear it and to marry her son).

PRECAP:Naagin Season 4 written episode update Upcoming Episode :

Vrinda is unconscious and is hugging Dev. Reporters come and take pictures of them. Later Vrishali gets annoyed and says that she does not know if she got a big cheat from Vrinda or her own son Dev. Nayantara arrives and Vrishali asks her to marry Dev. Later Vrinda is seen crying and her tears fall on someone’s hand. This is Dev.

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