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Naagin Season 4 2nd May 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Naagin Season 4 2nd May 2020 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Naagin Season 4 2nd May 2020 Written Episode Today Full Episode:

In the last episode of Naagin 4, Nayantara played Pungi to gain control of Vrinda. He hypnotizes Vrinda, who transforms into her serpent avatar. Swara asks Panditji to help him find Brinda. Rajat asks Vrushali if she can talk with him and suggests Vrishali to plan a party in which they can bring Nayantara and Dev closer. He asks Rajat to arrange the party. Spart, Harsh, Hardik and Rohan come out with Rajat, and it was revealed that the party was just their plan to get revenge from Brinda.

Nayantara lit the fire, saying that now the lamp would turn into a volcano. Dev saw a lot of smoke coming out of the forest. Nayantara started playing to seduce Brinda to burn her in the fire. When Nayantara saw Dev, Vrinda was about to jump into the fire. Brinda became human again and fainted. He is tired of seeing his father unconscious. Vrinda drops Rudraksha on the ground.

Pandit said that Rudraksh was a powerful, intelligent man who had a lot of knowledge about Ashlesha Nakshatra. Manya said that she still loves Nayantara as before, but she was not his daughter to help her in revenge as Nayantara was not a serpent.

Nayantara was running away from the forest. Dev hits him with his bike. Dev asks her to stop worrying and invites her to the party that her family arranged to welcome her and Rohan to India. Nayantara accepted and was satisfied. Brinda’s father told a mysterious man that it seemed that he was transformed into a very powerful Ikadhari serpent. Vrinda tried to remember what had happened but to no avail.

Vrinda asks her father what is happening with Swara. She tries to convince him that she is doing a lot of work these days, and she is feeling weak. Vrinda was not convinced. Rajat asks Brinda to come to the party. The party started at night, and Lily and Millie enjoyed it. Nayantara thought for Dev. Brinda was waiting for Rajat when Dev came, but he was angry. Dev asks her the reason, and she says she was mad because she left him waiting in the forest. Dev worried about him. She fit into his arms. Someone took a video of them. Brindha went inside the club and felt uncomfortable. Hardik apologizes for mistreating her. Vrinda also apologized.

Hardik asks Rohan what to do now as Rajat spoils his plan, but Rohan has another idea and orders the cake. Panditji wondered why Vrinda was unwell since the 25th birthday, on the day of Ashikasha Nakshatra. Swara wondered if Vrinda and her husband heard a request to stay away from the Parikh family. Vrishali said that Ketaki was behaving strangely. Panditji said that if Manya had done something, she would have understood.

Sparsh, Harsh and Hardik wanted to rape Brinda, but Dev came into the room, and they all pretended that they were worried for Brinda. Nayantara closed the door of the room when Dev and Brinda were alone. Nayantara said she did not want to do this but when the newspaper published news of her defamation, Vrushali could not bear it and asked her to marry her son.

PRECAP : Naagin Season 4 written episode update Upcoming Episode : In the episode of Naagin 4 of 02 May 2020, Brinda will faint and be seen hugging Dev. Reporters will take pictures of them. Vrishali will get angry, and she says that she does not know that she got a more significant betrayal from Vrinda or her son Dev. Nayantara will arrive, and Vrishali asks her to marry Dev. Brinda will be seen crying, and her tear falls on someone’s hand. This is Dev.

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