Namak Ishq Ka 23rd August 2021 Episode Written Update

Namak Ishq Ka 23rd August 2021 Today Written Full Episode Online, Written Update Namak Issk Ka 23rd August 2021 All Indian Tv Serials Written Episode Available On

Episode Start: Kahani is sitting in her room and recalls all the torture that she had to bear because of Iravati. Yug comes there and is sad to see her like that. Kahani says she didn’t spare anyone, she has hurt us all. Yug says everything is going to be fine because of you. Kahani says because of us. He hugs her. Saroj comes there and says I want to apologize to Kahani. She says no Maa. Saroj holds Kahani’s hands and says I couldn’t see your heart, you wanted a mother in me but I was blinded by Iravati. You have opened my eyes. Kahani says don’t apologize to me. Saroj says don’t stop me, what you have done for me has made me alive again. I have got my marital status back and a daughter like you. She hugs Kahani and says soon I will become a dadi. Kahani blushes. Dadi makes Satya eat and says soon I will get to meet my son after years because of you only. Ravi comes and sits with them. Satya says I don’t trust Iravati at all, I don’t think she will make us meet Yug’s father tomorrow. Dadi says she can’t hide the truth for long, we will meet him for sure. Satya hugs her and says yes, we will. Iravati tells Ronak that this all started with an accident so I will end it with an accident. Kahani gives their key and lock to Saroj. She says I want you to lock all your worries away now. Yug gifts her a saree and says you should wear it when you meet baba tomorrow. Kahani says he would see her beauty tomorrow. Saroj hugs them and smile. Ronak tempers with the family car. The family arrives there. Iravati smirks. Kahani, Satya and Yug sit in one car. Iravati drives away with Saroj and Ronak. Rupa is still in the house and runs behind the cars but they leave without her. Ronak talks to Iravati about failing Yug’s car brakes. Yug is trying to maneuver his car but he can’t apply brakes. Suddenly his car hits and they are in an accident. Two dead bodies arrive at the house. All are stunned. The inspector says someone broke their car brakes. Ravi says Iravati.. Dadi says how, what.. The inspector shows the CCTV footage to them in which Rupa is shown tempering with Yug’s car. Rupa comes there and is silent. The dead bodies are revealed and it’s actually Iravati and Ronak’s dead bodies. Gunjan cries. Dadi asks Ronak to wake up. Yug, Kahani, Satya and Saroj arrive there. Saroj breakdowns seeing Ronak’s dead body. Yug consoles Dadi. Gunjan asks Iravati to wake up. Kahani goes to Rupa who is silent. She asks Rupa why did you do all this? Why? Rupa says because I got to know that Yug’s father is not alive and Iravati was lying to us all. Iravati and Ronal had failed Yug’s car brakes but I set it right and failed their car’s brakes. Kahani cries and says you could have talked to us. Rupa says I saw hope in this family yesterday but Iravati was trying to take happiness away. Iravati would have tried to apologize and you all would have forgiven her, this cycle would keep going on so I have put a end to it. Yug cries and says I can’t let you go to jail. Rupa says I finally got free from these shackles, she tells Kahani to take care of herself. Episode End.
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