Neeraj Kabi: Irfan khan represents contemporary Indian actors of the world

Neeraj Kabi, who worked with Irrfan Khan in the 2015 film “Talwar”, says the late actor was the only person in contemporary Indian cinema who truly represented the country’s actors in the global scene.
“Even before when I worked with Irrfan in ‘Talwar’, I was a big fan of his work because he was one of those actors with great quality, diversity and a vast knowledge of the craft of acting Scheduled his journey. That’s why. Even though he was only one year senior in terms of age to me, I felt that he was very senior as an actor with his skills Is told with your craft! “Neeraj IANS.

Neeraj’s film “Ship of Theses” earned international acclaim in 2013, and Irrfan starrer “The Lunchbox” was also released around that time. Neeraj counted “The Lunchbox” among his favorite Irrfan films with “Paan Singh Tomar”, “Maqbool” and “7 Khoon Maaf”.

“I remember watching ‘The Lunchbox’ which was released around the same time as ‘Ship of Theses’. Both films found a place in the independent cinema circuit. But on a personal level, ‘The Lunchbox’ is one of the favorite films. It has , Irrfan was at his best with the craft! ”Said Neeraj.

He said: “I think in contemporary times, Irrfan is the only actor who actually represents the world to Indian actors. Certainly, we have Om Puri, Naseer Saab (Naseeruddin Shah), Pankaj Kapoor, Dr. from the past. . There are icons like Shriram Lagu. But he is our senior. I am not talking about him, he is the last generation. In contemporary times, he is… I mean, he was the one. This It is really hard to believe that he is no more. “

Neeraj also recalled how Irfan showed respect to his fellow artists. “In ‘Talwar’, my character loses his daughter and it was quite an intense role. I had to stay focused and I would request all the members of the unit to be quiet before they take over. I remember that, even though he Was such a big actor. He had locked his voice from the moment I entered. He was not needed, but you know how one actor shows respect and the other plays Gives Ta a place. The interrogation scene is over, we hear the ‘cut’, and Irfan is shaken. Hands. We exchanged a smile and he left. Of course, later we chatted but a moment, A silence, a smile spoke a lot about his generous nature as an artist, “recalled Neeraj.

What was his first reaction when he came to know about Irfan’s death on April 29? “Honestly, although we did a film together, I never knew him personally as a close friend. We shared an equation, which the two co-stars usually share. But when the news When it came out, it hit me so badly, (it was) almost like a personal defeat. I couldn’t control my tears because he was an artist who was connected to people without knowing them! ” Sreej signed on.

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