Patiala Babes 23th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

Patiala Babes 23th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

Neil keeps telling his story to Minnie and tells him that he was desperate and fell in love with Isha. He says that Isha is from a wealthy family, but she marries him and brings him to her parents’ house where she has memories of her parents. He started working hard for a long time to compensate for Isha’s demands as he wanted to live a fast-paced life with travel, shopping, clubbing, parties etc. He was intimate with his best friend Rithvik at a party . Finds it intimate, but ignores it; Isha did not realize what she was doing, challenging her mandate. Minnie says she can understand because she saw the same problem with her infants. Neil continues that Isha is a male meditation seeker and was now attracting Hrithik’s attention as his interest shifted to him; Gradually they started fighting and their anger continued, they started working harder; Isha became pregnant and soon a baby girl was born; Isha continued her relationship with alcohol and drugs and Rithvik.

Minnie asks what happened next. Neil says that he cheated on her again and again; One day she found Isha and Ritwik on her bed and got out of control, even she had an ego, she was just 23 years old and started coming to Raas; His arguments continued, he broke all the glass in the house; Isha lodged a police complaint

Neil continues that Isha File complained against him and demanded police protection for him and his daughter; Even though he was very angry, he could not get his child’s mother out of his house and instead he moved out of his house and came here to Patiala and got a new job in Patiala Babes. Minnie asks about Rtvik. He says that perhaps she broke up with Ritvik or was brought up; Now she wants Neil or all her wealth. She cries aloud that she is not letting him meet her daughter. Minnie tries to comfort him.

Precap: Minnie asks Neil if he remembers Kia. Neil says that no matter how much the father loves a child, the world values the feelings of the mother; Is there a way to measure father’s love

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