Patiala Babes 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Isha wants to back Neil in her life

With Isha, Isha visits the Patiala Babes restaurant and greets Neil. He asks what she is doing here. She says that he wanted to meet Kia, so he thought and pity her and he met his daughter here. That smoke is there. She says that if she doesn’t want to meet Kia, it’s fine, works, and tells Kia that Papa doesn’t want to meet her, so let’s go. He says wait. They tell Kia to sit down. He looks emotionally at Kia and asks if she knows who she is. Isha says she will give him an option, let’s arrange one with whom she can stay forever with Kia, they have to have a Delhi shift and they can stay together again. He says never. She says it is important to move to their own city. They say when there is no dear one then why did they come there? She says she now understands why she wants to stay here for Minnie. He asks what she wants. She gets close to him and says that she knows she wants him. She smokes and she says that she did not come here herself, she was invited by her NB through a Minnie. Neil told him to get up and leave. She says she’ll wait for the gem and by then she can have coffee and play with it.

Minnie confronts with NB and asks why she called isha here, who told her about Neil’s past. NB says it does not matter, the fact is that Neil cannot afford to disconnect from her past as HS cannot disconnect herself from Imarti. Minnie says that when Babes came to HS’s life, he made children Imarti. NB gave him the key to the HS ‘trunk and told him to open it. She opens it. NB told him to take a box under the file. She takes it NB calls it open. She opens it and she finds Imarti’s bangles, reminding her that she has fought HS for HS in that regard. NB says that HS never gave these bangles to Babita, Babita waited for HS to give her, but he did not.

Precap: Neil offers ice cream to Kia, but she refuses. Isha tells Neil that he can’t understand what. Minnie asks Isha if she wants to take Neil back, Isha says yes. Minnie then asks Neil if she wants to go back with Isha.

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