Patiala Babes Written Episode 28th February 2020 Update: Minnie Lose Case

Written Episode 28 February 2020, Patiala Babes Written Episode

Patiala Babes Written Episode The mini encourages Aria to be brave and answer questions properly. He entered the room where Mr. Kapoor, a school member, advised Kuwaita, a member of the admissions committee, that Arya must imagine things and that nothing unusual had happened. Koita says the truth should come out.

Mr Kapoor addressed the male members of his puppet committee. Quetta asks Arya’s name, what do they say to her sister, what did she see? Male members ask Arya questions and try to scare her with the wrong questions. Mani warns them that Arya is getting scared and he should not ask irrelevant questions. Committee members say they can’t continue if they scream like this. Mr Kapoor tells them to go out when they ask for justice. Mini resisted, but got out of helplessness. Reporters crowded it.

At the house, with Bobby Bobby and others decorating the house to welcome Minnie and Arya, Nell prepared a cake for them, Grandpa / BG and NB await them. Neil called Mani and asked when they were coming when Phantom had arranged a party for her and Baji, Grandpa, NB, Bobby were waiting for him. She says that Arya is lonely and scared among the admissions committee members, she is worried for Arya. Neil says Arya is a brave girl and she knows what to answer, so she doesn’t have to worry. Committee members are scaring Aria with wrong questions and abusive behavior. The frightened Arias recounted how Keol dragged Gretchen to the bathroom and how she was screaming for help, and ran away, calling Vera Balika, mini-hugging and saying that Gretchen would never come back.

The trustees and committee members made the statement that Arya and Mani are orphans and they are under a lot of pressure after the parents’ recent death, so Arya is imagining things and needs psychological treatment. Kewal is innocent. Money was returned home. The family tried to comfort her. She destroys the cake and cries loudly.

Patiala Babes Written Episode Precap: Money told the family she would no longer fight. BG and the NB told the story of their molestation. Money says that women suffer a lot. Even men suffer, Bobby says.



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Patiala Babes Written Episode 28 FEB 2020


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