Patiala Babes Written Episode 2nd March 2020 Update: Biji And Nayeem Their Bitter Childhood

Patiala Babes Written Episode 28th feb 2020 The mini encourages Aria to be brave and answer questions properly. He entered the room where Mr. Kapoor, a school member, advised Kuwaita, a member of the admissions committee, that Arya must imagine things and that nothing unusual had happened. Koita says the truth should come out.

Patiala Babes Written Episode 2ND MARCH Arya tells Neil that she’s scared. Neil says OK. Arya says this is not right and not easy. Neil held his hand and said that while he was a chef, he made many mistakes, his teacher was tough and punished him, he thought he was not good at anything. And tells the teacher that he wants to leave school. Arya asked, was the teacher angry? Neil says the teacher did not, took him to the dark storeroom. Arya says if he is afraid of spiders. Neil says he closed his eyes tightly. The teacher asked to open his eyes and observe the spider, he saw it and the spider was making its net and falling repeatedly but never left. Arya said a poor spider. Neil says the spider was determined, he constantly tried and won. Arya says wow spider was heroin. Neil says that Veera Balika is a spider woman who never accepts defeat. In another room, Minnie tells Grandpa, Grandpa, NB, Phantom and Bobby that she has decided to end it for Arya’s sake. They ask if she knows what that means. Though Arya is as tough as the HS, she is as sensitive as the boys, Mani says. Neha’s parents did what was right to protect their daughter. Beji says he didn’t do the right thing, and Neha’s brain is forever stained. She begins her story of where a man was abused by her in childhood, she became frightened and hid behind her mother.

Patiala Babes Written Episode She was free from fear and he repeatedly abused her. Grandpa consoled him. Beji says that when he informed his mother, his mother warned him not to inform anyone or else his father would die in humiliation. She was barred from moving out and when she was 14, her parents started a boy for her and she was married for 18 years. Dadaji says that if he had informed her before, he would never have rebuked her. Seed cries for how she can be. NB began its story that its cousin brother abused his older sister during the marriage of a relative. When her mother complained to her father, instead of scolding her mother and fixing her sister’s marriage seven days before the wedding, her sister jumped into the water well and committed suicide. No one spoke or contested at that time. Mani comforts NB with a hug and asks Dadaji why women have to suffer. Bobby says that not only women, men also suffer. Phantom tried to comfort her. Bobby cries when he was 5 years old when he was abused and his father scolded him instead of supporting him. Money also consoled Bobby. Everyone cries. Servants of Allah … Sing .. Play in the background.

Money rests on the sofa. Arya walks up to him with a nail and wipes her face with a warm cloth. Minnie opened her eyes. Neil says Arya wants to talk to them. Arya says that they will try again and will not give up, tomorrow they regret their mistake. Mani says that will not happen next time, she can not see his squeak under pressure. Arya she’s not upset and ready, will she just fight along. Neil points him in the head with a nod. Arya says she will become a spider’s woman. Mani asks what does that mean? Nail tricks. Arya tells Neil not to inform Virbika. Money does not say what he has in mind, but he will no longer accept defeat. The queen informs Mani that someone has come to meet her.

Koita, a member of the admissions committee, met with the school principal and said that the principal told how the trustee manipulated the situation and forced her to make a false statement, she was feeling guilty. The principal said that since Minnie said he was no longer his role model, he could not sleep for a moment. The Kuwaiti principal resigned from his job to fight for justice. Money says he doesn’t need it. The principal says she wants to be her model again. Kuwaiti says it’s good that the differences between teachers and students are over, how can she help Mani now.

Patiala Babes Written Episode Precap:Money started a campaign, Bobby says, and he applied for crowd funding, which is not enough. They get a message.

FINISH 2ND MARCH Patiala Babes Written Episode

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